Thursday, August 05, 2010

water shots

Yesterday I went to Launiupoko because I knew that Francky was doing a photoshoot there.

The waves were small and he was sitting at the end of a little inside right. That means I didn't do absolutely nothing impressive WHATSOEVER.
Nonetheless, I love the photos that he sent me.

The water perspective and the capable hands of a good photographer made for great shots out of average conditions.
Let me inform you that if you're coming to Maui in vacation and you don't hire Francky for a water shoot, you're crazy.

Here's another water shot you guys will like.

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Here's the monthly stats of the last 24 months. Summer is always a bit slow, so I'll give 10% discount for the orders in August. Happy advertising!

FYI: As presumptuous as it can sound, I'm up to something that may revolutionize surfing. Well, at least my surfing.


TonyWind said...

No more cheating with Francky's pics of supermodel asses, GP!
We want YOU out there sneaking pics of "real girls" butts!!!

cammar said...

Well she is a real girl and if you scroll her photos on the right of her blog, you'll even see a couple of photos I took of her (shore break and paddling) and posted on my blog back then...
But, I hear you... butts are never enough!

erik said...

Nice post, this must be a windsurfing site record these visiting numbers! Speedsurfingblog was also in the winner list ;)