Wednesday, June 01, 2011

the Namotu photos part 4

Last Namotu post.

This is a sequence of a late drop at Pools that I managed to blow by not grabbing the rail.

Right here my left hand should stay on the rail to keep the board on a higher line.

In this precise moment, I thought I had it.

Instead I didn't. Also notice how the guy that paddled a bit wider caused the lip to break earlier. Something to remember in the lineup: if you see a guy that seems in a good position for a wave, don't paddle for it.

And now a few empties that Stu added to the dvd.
Stunningly beautiful Cloudbreak.

Still can't believe I was surfing that day.

Reef McIntosh.

This break is called Despo's. It's where you go when you're desperate that there's no waves anywhere... there will always be something at Despo's. We definitely did not have that problem in our week.



Not sure. Could be Pools.

This one is Pools for sure. It shows how much of a "sucky" wave it is when there's some size to it...

Namotu as seen from the Lefts.

One more CB barrel.

This concludes the Namotu series of posts. If you plan on going there, I would recommend to contact Sara at

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Anonymous said...

these are comic-sytle waves, awesome