Sunday, June 12, 2011

indo report 4

Day 7 started with a beautiful sunrise that showed one of the volcanoes of the island.
Too bad I'm so focused on the surfing, because I'm missing out on a lot of nature and culture stuff too see.
Mmm... too bad?

The new little camera facilitates the stalking shots.


Massage intense table. The lovely ladies are a little annoying, I got to say. They come from behind and start giving you a "preview" by massaging your shoulders. It takes at least four or five "no thanks" before you can kindly get rid of them. That's until the next lady comes...

Parking spot with a view.

Day 8 my body demanded a rest. I didn't feel good at all, very tired and a bit feverish. So I didn't surf, but I did explore the coast looking for the other spots I plan on surfing when the size will get bigger. This shot was taken from a spot called Dreamland. That's a bigger than average (for that day) set that wrapped in and made all the spots go off.
To the very right there's the end of Ulu Watu.
Immediately to the left of the land point is where I'm staying.
Next breaking waves to the left is Padang Padang.
Next, the very long lines of Impossibles.
And finally the surfers sitting at Binging are surely waiting excited for the set to reach them.

Impossibles and Binging close up.

At night a bonfire was lit on the beach right underneath Thomas'. The ratio between man and women was the usual surfers' one: 8 to 2.
Why don't I have a passion for ballet instead?

Day 9 I felt better and went back to Ulu Watu.
I'm surfing this spot called Secrets that is a 20 minutes paddles up the coast.
It's not always a high performance wave as the other peaks (it doesn't barrel), but, depending on the tide and size and direction of the set, it can morphs into a head to overhead high wave that reminds me of Middles, Lanes or Dumps. Occasionally, La Perouse.
The average number of people is 3. I don't get it, but I don't complain about it.

Someone is finally about to enjoy all those offerings.

After the sunset session (at Temples, kinda crowded so not even remotely as good as the morning one) I sipped a beer at this bar called Single fin. Not a bad setup.

That's a great observation/photoshooting tower. And that's the end section of Race track, Ulu Watu's most racey wave. In the last hour of light, I noticed plenty waves going unridden, since most of the people moved to Peaks in order to catch a last one and get back in.
Tomorrow afternoon I'll get in the water around 5.30 and try score some there.

That's one of those.

And that's a sunset.

As I said, I'm after fun uncrowded waves. It seems that I found what I'm looking for at Secrets, so I don't think I'm going to move anywhere else anytime soon.

Till next time.


Anonymous said...

At last some scenic shots - and very beautiful they are too, particularly picture No.1. I'm sure you didn't say "no" too often when asked if you wanted a massage!


nico said...

these are incredible posts, gp. I do not comment anytime but keep writing and shooting (and having fun, too....!!)


wally said...

GP, you're killing me. Stop having so much fun when I'm at work ... I can't take anymore.

Meesh said...

I've got green balls looking at those waves!!!