Thursday, June 09, 2011

indo report 3

Day 5, on the way to a new spot (well, they're all new for me), I ran into these lovely fellows.


Here's the stunning view of the spot. On the left you'll notice a channel with a left and a right. The good one is the right (for a change!).
300 steep steps keep the crowd down. I had a lot of fun.

Here's the panoramic view.

And this is the wave finder description. Funny it calls it Green balls...

While the sign says Green Bowls. This one makes more sense.

Since the very beginning I wondered what the hell were those bottles outside of every warung (which I think means shop). The one next to my room in Canggu had all vodka bottles, but that didn't look like vodka at all.
"Maybe it's local white wine", I though, "I should give it a try!"

Then I saw a warung with a sign over the bottles that said "bensin/petrol". But of course!
Gas stations are only on the main streets, so these shops bottle the gasoline and sell it by the liter (60 cents). How smart is that? Can you imagine that in the US?
Here's the lovely lady filling up the beast's belly.

After an intense morning sesh, I was starving as usual. I stopped in the most local looking "restaurant" I could find. Here's how the inside looked.

And here's the menu. Cap cay (pronounce chap chay) is now a favorite of mine. 5,ooo rupias is about 60 cents.

And here's the delicious steamed vegetables and chicken soup.

My new favorite way of going surfing. Not only surfing is fun. Also driving to the spot is! God, I love that machine...
No helmet, no shirt, I'm suddenly back to when I was 14. So cool.

In the afternoon I surfed Ulu Watu, but it wasn't as fun.

Day 6 in the morning instead it was. I went out early and paddled all the way around the point. I found a peak and I surfed there 4 hours all by myself. Only once in a while the wave lined up, but when it did, it was a real indo wave. Most times though, I got shut down after a few pumps. Man, these waves are fast!
Here's how race tracks looked while I was having lunch at one of the warungs hanging on the cliff.

This place is really, truly beautiful. Unfortunately major developments have already ruined it a bit and will do more damage soon.

Finally some ladies to photograph! Fake or real?

And now I'll invest some time into investigating a possible next destination.
Here's where I could be heading next. I said could.


Anonymous said...

Another Awesome trip GP,

You really know how to make the followers of your blog jealous...

Enjoy the rest of your trip and stay away from those mushrooms!

PS It is hard to read, when this weekend I will be going for a surf in about 50 deg F water / air temp!

Anonymous said...

those are potential fakes and for sure real ones, that last image has at least another 30 breaks to choose from... Ujung Bocur?


Hunter said...

you can kite/windsurf green bowl too. pretty straight onshore but super fun for airs. Might be a hike with the windsurf gear...

Surf report in Perth said...

Great fun,had a couple of real fun days at Sultans and a great session at Jails the same afternoon.