Tuesday, July 12, 2011

holy shitballs!

Michelle's fb comment to this link was so appropriate that I had to borrow it for the title.

I stole one of the pictures for you guys...

A surf magazine recently published the best 100 waves in the world. Here's their first 5:
1. Pipeline
2. J-bay
3. Desert Point
4. Teahupoo
5. Cloudbreak

Now, imagine if a fashion magazine published the first 100 most beautiful woman in the world and you happened to have slept with number 5... that's how I feel like when I watch these photos!

And here's an even better report of this epic day on Surfline.


Life in Maui is good. Since I got back, despite the cold I still had (almost gone, but not quite yet), I have been in the water riding waves each single day, so no complaints.

PS. I made a little video of the Indo trip, just can't get it uploaded on youtube... stay tuned for that.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back - lovely the heading.


Olaf said...

uff men, I´ve been following the swell in fidji, what a monster wave. Beautiful.

I dreamed last night with waves, !! Perfecto big cloudbreaks, now J-Bay coming...

Have you seen King Kelly riding a 5´11 in massive cloudbreak? ajaja. Oh dear.

I hope he shows up in J.Bay.

Meesh said...

Holly Shitballs! :)

Catapulting Aaron said...

You may have slept with her, but now she's wayyyy hotter and she's hooking up with pro surfers.

cammar said...

True aaron... even better! Think about it...