Friday, July 22, 2011

technical problems persist

While in Jeffrey's bay the supposed "dream tour" is dealing with shitty conditions to complete the ASP contest, in the meantime please enjoy this video about the epic swell in Fiji.

Pacific Pirates from Billabong on Vimeo.

As for the local reports, I'm going to mention that yesterday Hookipa was super fun thanks to a NNE swell that made it look like winter. Well, at least in those few overhead sets.

PS. Getting used to a new computer takes WAY more effort than getting used to a new everything else I know (board, girlfriend, house, job...).
And it's still Windows... Imagine if I got an Apple!!!

PPS. I'm selling a couple of boards:
9.3x27.5 Kazuma SUP
74l 2011 Starboard Quad IQ


DAVE said...

If you got a Mac you'd be blogging!

cammar said...

If I got a Mac I'd be going nuts!

Nord_Roi said...

How much for your Quad?

loris said...

Look at minute 1:26.... Is that you, Cammar?

cammar said...

Nord roi, as indicated in the link to the craigslist ad, thousand bucks.

Loris, yes. That how I appear in windsurfing videos.. walking on land! LOL

DAVE said...

OK GP, Enough of this no blogging stuff. Do we need to start up a fund to get you a new computer?