Monday, December 12, 2011

the 2011 PBI video, Slater vs Florence, forecast, etc.

A rainy day was what it took for me to edit a little video of the 2011 Paia Bay Invitational. Enjoy.

The 2011 PBI was sponsored by the Paia Bay Cafe. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should, it's quite lovely. It's where the bead shop is, next to Puka Puka. Ocean side, just before you hit the traffic light when arriving to Paia from Kahului.
Photo by Joe Bergeron taken from this gallery.

From a prestigious surf contest to another: the Pipeline Masters.
These two guys didn't make it to the final, but they put up an amazing show in the quarter finals...

As I said, it has been raining a lot as this satellite IR shot shows. We're actually pretty close to the edge of that big rain, so if we get lucky we might see the sunshine again soon!

This is this morning's weather map. It shows a long fetch of wind that will provide us with yet another NW swell. More fetches like that throughout the whole week, so there should be no lack of waves.

Surfline's 5 day forecast. The green line is the NW swell. Shows up on Tuesday, then bigger Wednesday, and then bigger Thursday, and then bigger Friday...

A new buoy has been deployed off Pawuela Point in Maui. Here's the link for its readings.
The page provides many interesting ways of looking at the data, but they're not as easy to read as the breakdown in all the different swells that Surfline provides.
So I immediately sent them an email asking them to add the buoy to their website.
If you guys find something similar somewhere else, please let me know.

For today we mostly have a big easterly windswell on tap, so I guess I'm gonna try to tackle the infamous east facing break known as "the paddling treadmill" or "duck dive central"... wish me good luck!!!


Meesh said...

Great vid coverage GP, Good Times!!!

nico said...

great as usual.. go on gp

Weasel's wake said...

Maybe the best vid of yours yet.
Classic fun for fun sake only.

Off subject~
I miss being able to blow up your pics to full screen size, like before your old camera got ripped off. Those pics were great to add to my screen saver slide show, the new ones, not so much. :[

cammar said...

well the size of the photos should be the same... so do you mean that they are not the same quality?
I'm seriously thinking of returning the new one and buying an old used one like the one I had on ebay...
Please give me more feedback about this.

WW said...

Ever since you got your new camera, the pics are about 50% reduced from full screen, and are part of a slide show format that includes every image from your post (no matter where they're from). So when I click on a pic I get the slide show, click the pic again, and it takes me to the next pic, no blow-ups.
Hope that helps, I don't think it's on my end, because I can get pics from other sources that can go full screen.

cammar said...

I tried and it happens to me too. It's not the camera, it's a new policy of

You can access the full screen photo by right-clicking on it and choosing "open in a new tab/window".

How's the quality of the photos instead?

WW said...

Thanks for the advice, that seems to work, if it's done straight from the blog and not from the slide show.
The quality seems to be as good as with your old camera.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

kelly won 11. I was there!!!!!!!!

I saw greatness, but I am a loser.

Anonymous said...

listen. The turtle finds you more enchanting than the whale.