Thursday, December 29, 2011

this looks 10 times better than it was

Today I felt better, but not strong enough to get in the water.And that was a blessing, because the conditions weren't exactly my favorite...

As I state in the title, the photos can easily fool you. The waves were nice, but the wind was horribly strong, gusty and offshore. Nobody really sailed at their usual level. Even the very top sailors at times struggled... imagine what kind of embarassing performance I would have produced!

So I covered myself with shirt, sweatshirt and wind jacket and sat to take some pics.

Shot of the day goes to Levi, whose bottom turns are getting consistently mind blowing fast.

These are the other shots, in chronological order.

The Maui county decided to put a fence around the lifeguard tower and nobody is happy with that. They also replaced some piece of rusted guardrail and everybody is happy with that.

Bunch of Italian vacationers.

Francisco Porcella feeling it out under the faithful guard of his dog.

Not a good first wave for him.


Second major wipeout for Francisco. Told you it wasn't easy... but, very characteristically, he charged anyway.

Mark doing his thing.

Mr. Polakow showed up. He literally destroyed this wave. First top turn.

First bottom turn.

Second top turn. Notice the spray he threw when he changed his trajectory to get more vertical up the face.

Third top turn. Getting three turns in a day like today was no easy feature.

I had to leave at 1.30 to go to work, so that's all for today folks.
I feel like tomorrow I might be able to be back in the water.
Let's bloody hope so, shall we?


Leedslass said...

Pleased you're feeling better - guess you're an old grouch when you're under the weather!

Happy New Year GP.

Anonymous said...

listen.... The turtle finds you more enchanting than the whale.