Saturday, December 10, 2011

bit smaller, but still kinda big

The wind went up and down with the squalls and so did the windsurfing action yesterday at Hookipa.

I didn't take too many photos, but here's a few.
This bottom turn from Levi looks unreal.

But as the last photo of the sequence shows, he actually caught the back knee in the water and blew it!

He quickly redeemed himself with this aerial.

Uncle Robby found some time to go sail.

Nat Gill probably sails once a week. Nonetheless he totally rips.

Also this year Matteo Spanu is the visiting italian that impressed me the most. Oh god, let's hope the other ones don't get offended now... they're so sensitive! :)

Quarter final heat between Kelly Slater and John John Florence is starting rght now at Pipeline, so... so long!

Kelly is out on a 5'6"!!!!!! You kidding me!!!!

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Anonymous said...

thath's life mate ! fantastic pics....and Levi's bottom is even better than air 360 and other stuff like that ! bye bye