Tuesday, August 04, 2015

2015 Indo trip n.2 Report 5. Three days in Uluwatu.

Tired of driving every day from Canggu, I just went for a three days stay in Uluwatu.

There's so many homestays that even in high season like now, it's never a problem to find a room. The cheapest one I found was $10 a night for a room with bed and bathroom (and absolutely nothing else!), like 300m from the entrance of the parking.

It's also fun to explore the many places for food. With the help of a knowledgeable accomplice, here's the list of the places where I found the best meals:
Breakfast: Pitaya bowl at Kelly's warung on Bingin beach
Lunch: mixed salad at the Cashew tree (there's one in Binging and one in Pecatu)
Dinner: bbq tuna steak at Jiwa Juice (owned and cheffed by a nice Spanish guy)
I should have taken photos of them, I know...

Absolutely avoid the fish bbq at the Padang Padang Breeze, unless you like heavy bbq sauces that make any fish taste the same to the point we couldn't tell which one was tuna, which one mahi mahi and which one snapper. I almost cried.
Instead, if it's a Saturday night and if you don't mind very loud Indonesian reggae, do go for the fish barbeque on the beach at Padang Padang.

Here's a few surf shots I took from the warungs on the cliff.

Occasionally, sets line up at Temples and it can be really fun.

Interesting setup for carrying a SUP board on a small bike. Not sure how it handles the side wind, the owner said it was ok.

One of the many beautiful sunsets I was lucky enough to enjoy in this long Indo trip.

Here's the dreadful gopro shot section, I have a feeling I lose half of readers when this starts.


My favorite of the bunch. The peak I surf can get pretty chunky.

Here's a video clip. You know you won't get away without one.

So this Saturday I leave for a one week trip to my favorite spot. I was very excited about a 5f 15s forecast, but now of course, the WW3 model has downgraded it. The reason is that the storm will have a slightly different and less favorable track.
The related swell will still be pretty big in Bali though. Too big for my tastes, so I'd rather be somewhere else anyway.
To the left below, the surfline Bali forecast calling for 10f 15s. To the right, my spot's one calling for 4.5f 15s, but surfline has been a bit generous with that spot.

The one good thing about a less than 5f forecast is that I might decide to only take the small board with me and make the trip a bit easier.
Below are the two wonderful Kazuma boards that are the core of my Indo quiver:
- 6.6x19.25x2.5 classic stepup (14" tail)
- 6.0x19.5x2.44 squirell fish (15" tail)
Despite its name, the squirell fish is not a proper fish at all. It has the same amount of tail rocker as the stepup, it likes a juicy wave and it's extremely turny. The main difference between the two boards are the length and the tail and nose widths. Yeah, tail shape too, but those are overrated IMO.
Much more drive and hold in the stepup (which I ride with Future EA), while the squirrel is much looser (also thanks to the smaller FCS K2.1).

Well, looks like I will have to put another gopro sticky mount...


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