Thursday, August 27, 2015

8 27 15 morning call

Steady west swell on tap for today. If you want to know where it comes from and why, here's a brief extract of Pat Caldwell's discussion:

"Typhoon atsani in the western north Pacific is the primary surf source this week. It has kept steady W swell locally since 8/21. The tropical system slowly moved toward Japan, and given its larger than normal size, was adequate to produce surf for Hawaii."

I surfed 100 peaks and there were occasional head high sets. Those closed out, but sometimes the rights stayed open. I took a clip on a left to show the size, but if there's something gopro clips are not good for, that's showing the size (chest high at the take off). But it does show the cleanness of the conditions so here it is.

4.4ft @ 8s from 265° (W)
4.3ft @ 13s from 275° (W)

1.6ft @ 7s from 73° (ENE)
1.3ft @ 14s from 321° (NW)
0.9ft @ 9s from 52° (ENE)
0.7ft @ 11s from 352° (N)

2.6ft @ 14s from 193° (SSW)
2.5ft @ 13s from 233° (WSW)
2.1ft @ 8s from 226° (SW)
1.3ft @ 18s from 195° (SSW)

West Hawaii
4.2ft @ 14s from 232° (WSW)
2.5ft @ 8s from 230° (SW)
1.6ft @ 10s from 227° (SW)

4f 14s is a solid swell, some long period sets were starting to show up at Hookipa yesterday at sunset. I'm gonna check that first before eventually drive to Lahaina. Expect a photo report soon.
Here's how Lahaina looks on the webcam. Still plenty energy.

Couple of fetches in this morning's wind map.

Another sunny windless day of great surfing. It feels very good to be back in the water.

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