Wednesday, June 01, 2016

6 1 16 morning call

Fantastic day of surfing on the Lahaina side. Including a surf lesson, I spent another 6 hours in the water. Waking up early paid off. Here's the reward. Looks like Tahiti.

And here's the reward for the others in the lineup.

Thanks to an overcast sky from mid morning on, the local winds were absent and there were little corners of perfection everywhere.

Also my student scored perfect conditions.

Yesterday's and today's SSE swells were generated by the fetch east of New Zealand between May 22 and 23. Below is the 23rd map and I didn't even circle the fetch because it was mostly oriented towards the Americas. We'll still get some angular spreading of it (1.6ft @ 13s from 185°).
Today we'll also get the swell generated by the fetch on the map west of New Zealand in the Tasman sea (25f seas locally). The Lanai buoy shows that beautifully with a brand new reading of 2ft @ 15s from 199°.

4am significant buoy readings.
4.5ft @ 7s from 20° (NNE)
2.3ft @ 10s from 348° (NNW)

2ft @ 15s from 199° (SSW)
1.6ft @ 13s from 185° (S)

3ft @ 14s from 174° (S)

I barely look at what Pauwela reads these days, it's evident for me that the Lahaina side offers better surfing conditions. And with two swells overlapping, hopefully today will be also a bit more consistent.

North Pacific shows a windswell fetch and a couple of other insignificant ones.

South Pacific starting to line up again, but it will do that even better later on this week.

Wind on the north shore should make the windswell waves even worse than they already are. I heard Hookipa was really bad yesterday morning because of the chop created by the closeness of the windswell fetch.

PS. Slowly catching up with the ladies contest at my own speed, that round 2 heat between Bethany Hamilton and Tyler Wright brought me some tears. Bethany was totally ripping, she also won her round 3 heat and I can't wait to find out what she did in the rest of the contest. What she does without an arm is mind blowing.

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