Friday, June 03, 2016

6 3 16 morning call

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Just one but fun session for me yesterday in Lahaina. I timed the tide right and I got lucky with people and wind. The energy in the water was less than the past few days, but there was still some. I even had to dodge an odd head high set.

Didn't take any photos, here's yesterday's sunset by Jimmie Hepp.

South Pacific map of 7 days ago shows a weak S fetch and a stronger but more compact one in the Tasman Sea. Overall, we can say that after what feels like more than a week, the energy coming from down under is tapering down, but it's not dead yet. Lanai buoy reading below confirms that.

4am buoy readings:
2ft @ 10s from 345° (NNW)

1ft @ 11s from 324° (NW)
0.3ft @ 16s from 295° (WNW)

2.7ft @ 8s from 33° (NE)                      
1.1ft @ 12s from 353° (N)
1.4ft @ 13s from 197° (SSW)                      
0.7ft @ 16s from 219° (SW)
Sprinkles of northerly energy at the northerly buoys, I'm still more interested in the longer period clean lines you will find, if you have enough patience, on the south facing shores. That wave at the Lahaina harbor below is at least shoulder high, but maybe next one of that size will be in half an hour.
FYI: the size that I post in my beach updates is the size of the average waves. There will always be occasionally bigger ones, no matter if I mention it or not.
Still light wind from a northerly direction also today.

Hey, Woody is back from his long vacation and here's another local wind map at noon from MC2km.
Kinda similar, but I'm liking the Windity graphical representation better.
North Pacific map shows two pretty insignificant fetches.

South Pacific map shows a strong wide fetch, but oriented towards central America. You guys will get the angular spreading. It will be good size, but get ready for long waits.

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