Thursday, December 28, 2017

Thursday 12 28 17 morning call

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Massive day of surfing for me yesterday, with four shortboard sessions, which remains my favorite discipline to do when the waves are good. Yesterday they were actually excellent. Here's an abstract of a conversation with the Peahi Challenge champion Paige Alms at a party in the evening.

Paige:"I saw Tanner on a wave that was the best one I've ever seen at Hookipa, and I've surfed it since I was 10 years old. It just opened up in a massive barrel and he was in it standing tall for like 5 seconds!"
Me:"Wow, that's something. Well, that was obviously a 10, but what would you rank the overall conditions?"
Paige:"I give it a 9"
And since I scored it exactly a 9 in two of the beach updates, I couldn't stop a smile and a little fist claim.

Tough day to be without a camera, but fortunately Jimmie Hepp was on duty. I had no time this morning to go through it, so I just grabbed the very first shot of Ridge Lenny from this gallery. Check it out, I'm sure there's some gems. It was just totally epic out there.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore
No indication of southerly energy at the buoys, the Surfline forecast calls for 1.7f 12s, I got a report of barely knee high Thousand Peaks yesterday.

North shore
5ft @ 12s from 353° (N)

5.6ft @ 12s from 351° (N)           
3.4ft @ 11s from 345° (NNW)

5.3ft @ 13s from 358° (N)
2.9ft @ 11s from 353° (N)
2.7ft @ 9s from 36° (NE)

Still some lovely northerly energy at the buoys, below is the graph of Pauwela showing a gradual and slow decline. With the ideal early morning wind conditions, the surf should be in the excellent range again. No time for beach updates for me this morning, as I have surf guiding obligations.

Wind map at noon shows very light onshores, getting slightly stronger as the day progresses. The morning should provide excellent wind conditions instead.

North Pacific shows a WNW fetch (soon to become the dominant direction) and a residual north one.

Nothing of relevance in the South Pacific.

The satellite close up maps are back online, here's the morning sky. The front has passed, it should be stunning day. Another one.

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