Monday, May 30, 2005

Monday 5 30: 9.45pm forecast/report

Howzit everybody. I'm back from Kauai. We had a blast over there. What a beautiful island. Soon I'll post some photos (working on that), but for now let me post some taken today that show the funtastic sailing conditions that this incredible May keeps giving us. Check'em out below (start from the lowest one for the story telling). In Kauai I didn't have internet access, so I couldn't check the weather maps, but the NW (4 feet, 12 sec) and Waimea (3.5 feet, 13 sec) buoys, even though on the decline, still show some decent energy. So tomorrow should be another fun day.
I just checked the action of the WCT Fiji contest on Oh my god! If only a tenth of that energy will arrive here, it's gonna be a lot of fun on the south shore around Thursday. Unfortunately, due to the long travel distance and to the shadowing effect of all those islands of French Polinesia, this is not easy to predict. The equator buoy showed a couple of interestin readings at 2 feet, 23 sec, but then it then nothing more. We'll see.
I know, it's not the best forecast I did. But I hope you enjoy the pictures! Aloha.

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