Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 QUOLI

Every week I send an email to a couple of italian websites with the details of what I did every single day in the ocean. Supposingly they publish it, often they forget. Anyways, they are: and
Engineer as I am, I thought about keeping stats.

Let's start from the most important one: the percentage of days I got in the ocean. But first a few clarifications:
- I count all my ocean activities: surfing, windsurfing and all kind of standup with the paddle and one man canoe activities. I don't count snorkeling and swimming.
- I only consider the days that I am in Maui and physically able to do something. In other words, I don't count the days that I am traveling or injured/sick. This is because I'm interested in monitoring the quality of my life in the place I chose as my home and I want to know how often the work or even just the poor conditions keep me away from what I really enjoy: being in the ocean.
Said this, the 2006 GP's QUOLI (quality of life index) is a remarkable 273 ocean days out of 307 possible days: 89%.

The 2005 QUOLI was a mere 80%... quite an improvement, uh?

Last year, I even started ranking the sessions.
Here's the definition of the 5 different marks:
1 star : I got wet, but it honestly sucked
2 stars: it was ok. Still fun, but nothing special.
3 stars: fun!
4 stars: reeeeally fun!!
5 stars: epic.

And here's the 2006 results.
5 stars: 28 (10%)
4 stars: 78 (29%)
3 stars: 110 (41%)
2 stars: 33 (12%)
1 star : 21 (8%)

Kinel... 28 epic days is not too shabby, is it? Last one was Dec 30 and it's described a few posts below. Maybe I'll publish the description of some other 2006 ones here and there... I don't know, let me know what you think about this.

Anyway, you guys should keep track of your own QUOLI, whatever the things that make you happy are. You don't have to necessarily write them down like I do, just keep in mind that enjoying life is the reason because we're here. The system wants us to forget this, that's why I want to remind you. Happiness is the mother of love and peace.
So, I wish a good QUOLI in 2007 to everyone out there.

As for myself, I hope I'll break through the 90% barrier.


Ely from NYC said...

Hey Giampaolo,

Back from Madrid. The elf dancing was fun! I'm going to post your QUOLI messsage on my Long Island windsurfing board, hope you don't mind. Awesome stats! I'll be there someday too, Brah!

All the best to you in 2007!


Anonymous said...

Giampaolo, when I see you at Kanaha, you are usually as up and positive as anyone regularly hanging there. Glen from Hot Sails ranks as your equal. For this you two buggahs earn my award for beach attitude excellence. Congratulations on your high QUOLI and good luck for even better in a windy, wave filled 2007. Mystery Bob

Anonymous said...

Great Giampaolo,

I made something similar here in Italy and discovered that my QUOLI just... sucks!! :(
Hope to improve during 2007...

cammar said...

Hey Checco, is your QUOLI better than 0.1%?
It could always be worse...
Good luck with 2007!

PeconicPuffin said...

BTW I name-dropped your system recently:

We're glad that winter is gone here in the Northeast!