Monday, March 26, 2007

Hana 2007

Another postless week, let's see what happened.

Let's start with this funambolic (I know it's not an english word, but I want to use it anyway) parking seen at Hookipa a few days ago.
Actually the pilot (the girl) was just driving through staring at the waves and she crashed into that little one foot concrete edge (quite dangerous indeed).
Notice the face of the guys... they were actually pretty cool and didn't get upset at all with their friend. If they were Italians they would have given the girl some really hard time...

Saturday afternoon (after sailing) me and Shazza went to Hana for the weekend. We love going there at least once in a while. It's a place in which you can really detach from everything. Not even the cell phone works over there. We had a great time and here are some shots.
Activities included:
- listening to hawaiian music at the hotel Hana Maui
- hiking
- jacuzzing
- eating two great dinners cooked by a girl from Leeds... can you believe that?!
- watching oscar winner movie "the departed" by Martin Scorsese. I think the movie should have been called "the retarded", instead. What a stupid, badly done movie! One of the worse I have ever seen. No wonder it won such a american fake prize like an oscar... Let me speak out: most american movies suck. There's a few exceptions that fall in the masterpiece category, though. For example, I lately saw (for the 5-6th time) Natural Born Killer. And when I watched it again with the director Oliver Stone commentary, I liked it even more. Strongly recommended... in case you haven't noticed yet, we live in an overly violent society. Time to do something about it. Time to start spreading love... without involving Jesus, please!
- reading. I'm getting more and more into "zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance", but I wouldn't recommend anyone to read it in a foreign language... not easy.
- listening to a new mp3 reagge cd collection. In particular, Hebron Gate from Groundation & Don Carlos is really working for me...
- watching and surfing (I caught two waves!) the rough windswell at Hamoa beach
- papaya picking
- goofing off
- taking photos

Talking about which... there's a lot of youth in other three main page deservers of today.
The beauty of 14 years old Cheyenne.

Hana local 20 year old pro surfer Ola Eleogram was tearing apart the messy waves at Hamoa beach.

We got back on Monday afternoon, just in time for a sailing sesh at Hoo. The windswell waves were small with some occasional shoulder high sections and the wind really gusty and up and down. Nonetheless, 17 years old australian Jaeger Stone was able to pull out an aerial like this.

And now a crazy idea.
I'm thinking of doing another blog in which I would do a post a day. A blog that would not replace this one, but would be an addition to it, a complement. For the real hard core aficionados that can't now live anymore without their daily GP post... ;-)
Such a blog would be a pay per view one... just like a magazine. A fair price that would cover the expenses of the web hosting and development (I don't think blogspot can host a website with account authentication) and partially also the time/energy I would put into it.
I thought about doing a month test free for everyone, so that you guys can have an idea of the product and I can have an idea of the work and related commitment.
But first, I'd like everyone to honestly express your opinion through this little poll.

Please do vote, but vote only once! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hey GP, I like ur idea, in my opinion this will be the way of the future for magazines etc. I work in the media and am now seeing a huge swing to online aplications for this kind of thing. I will dig up a link at my work tomorrow and send you through an interesting idea.


cammar said...

Absolutely, I believe that too!

Even though there's still a special pleasure in handling a paper magazine, it's incredibly convenient to have it delivered on your PC, and a lot more frequently.
Take the Aloha Classic or the Tropical Energy event reports. Day by day... what magazine can give you that?
I hope internet will also replace the TV one day (it does for me already), so that we'll have less brain control... but the system will try not to make this happen...

Thanks for your vote everybody. Please, if you get to this blog do vote but vote only once!

Sharon said...

Lano, Lano, are the antithesis of me! I've been telling GP for weeks it’s the crappiest idea he’s had in a while, so you've won big brownie points with this one. No doubt you’ll receive (at the very least)a juicy arse picture as your reward!

GP: Thanks for the pre-multiple vote reprimand...I did think about it!

Anonymous said...

Sharon, I just like seeing new things on the internet, always amazed at things such as this

cammar said...

Sharon, what do you know about the future of magazines... let the professionals speak!

Lano, thanks for the link. How about the model of "work it out"...? Oh my...
And thanks for the photos! That must have been a tough working day...

In the meantime, I'm just enjoying the results of the poll. The map is so cool, you can almost see if the voter was in the bathroom at voting time...

BTW, thanks to the first voter from around Bilbao (Spain) (even though it was a foggettaboutit...).
No votes yet (up to 30 now) from the UK... what's going on over there? I'd expect at least one vote from Leeds...

PS. Since Sharon just sent me a bunch, I just added a fat section of photos of me to the other ones on Dropshots (which, btw, I pay $5 a month just for you guys... you cheap foggettabouters!).
You guys lucky that 99% of the time I'm the photographer, otherwise you'd see a lot more of those...

Sharon said...

Wow-Lano thanks for opening up my world. That online mag is really something. Gotta love those models with freckles and fringes, praps it's time to venture to Aus so I can be with my people?!

Anonymous said...

How freaky is that model with the fringe and the freckles - double take...if you decide to come to Oz, ur always welcome to saty with us!


Anonymous said...

Hey GP, first finish that zen book, and make up your final definition on "quality", and then try to apply that in your one month for free blog, and who knows, maybe you might convince us...

cammar said...

Sharon... please!

Lano, I don't think freaky is the right word. Even though I'm in love with the 'work it out' blonde, the freckly one is cute!!

Anonymous, that's a wise advice. Too bad that to finish that book I may need a week in Hana... bloddy computer sucks all my home time.

PeconicPuffin said...

Ah, the Zen book about of the most wonderful things ever written.

Anonymous said...

One of the beauties of the Internet for me, is that I don't pay for anything. Free HOTSPOT, free downloads, free communication around the world, etc. I love your blog and want you to succeed in whatever you do..., but will remain a browser of whatever is free. Incidentally, yours is one of the best free spots on the WWW. Mystery Bob

p.s. The girl who drove onto the concrete wall is allowed a mistake, but keeping a surfboard stored that way marks them as "Kooky" tourists. Only more stupid way to move a surfboard (or windsurf) is poorly tied on with loose soft racks. They don't help our acceptance on this island where we're always watched for infractions.

Anonymous said...

Aloha, you greedy pig,

Look at how Erik from and Glenn from raise money. They do it in a karmically free way. They've both received my donations, as have many others who follow this paradigm.

If you give me the option of paying you for your work, and leave to me the measure of the value that I find in it, I will probably send you money, and will do so generously. However, if you require money as a condition to share what you have to offer, you will get nothing from me, and I will get nothing from you. You might call it a pure zero-sum exchange. Ha ha.

Besides, do you really want to be beholden to an employer, and a job? That is how you will come to think of paying customers, and the service you contract to provide them - they will own your fat italian ass.

As for your poll, you italians are well-known for rigging your elections (can you spell Berlusconi?), but this one takes the prize. It goes to show that you may be able take the boy out of the boot, but you'll never take the boot out of the boy (boot?=Texas-ROFL).

Keep up the fun work, GP.

PS. Please do not take "Greedy Pig" as an insult. It's a technical term from classical economic theory. It refers to one who seeks to squeeze out profit, at the expense of wisdom. Like Wal-Mart. Or Phillip-Morris. Or At&T.

PPS. Did you know that ZATAOMM has a typo throughout? I have it from good source that wherever they printed "quality," they meant "QUOLIty." It was an uninformed editor's error, that slipped through unnoticed by the proofreaders.

mater70 said...

Hi from Leeds GP - Sharon commanded me to vote (I went with the majority) so now you can have a look at where I live and see my beautiful bathroom. Better still, come for a visit and use it:-)

cammar said...

Hi Bob,

thanks for the comliments. If you read better, I was not going to make THIS blog a pay-per-view, but another additional daily one.

thanks for your suggestions. I had already thought about those models and didn't really like them...
Mayb need to change my mind...
ZATAOMM rocks, even though I am reading it extreeemely slowly. Maybe it's a good thing...

couldn't see any dots in Leeds... maybe you want to try to vote again?