Thursday, August 23, 2007

8 18-19 07 Maui Speed Challenge

I finally found some time to edit the video of the speed challenge that took place last weekend.

The results are on their web page, speed session 8.
I think a special award for the best spirit should go to Ian and Kristin, who are learning how to windsurf (still uphauling, but ready for a water start lesson!) and did it on a beginner board: 18.4 and 12.8 respectively.

Sunday I was able to first enjoy a 2.5h wave sesh at Hoo and then move to Sprecks and log a second personal best: 29.3 (versus 29.6). Still under those damn 30 knots...
Looks like I won't be able to do it for a while, because:
1) I seriously damaged my Jimmy Lewis (not the wooden one you see in the video that was kindly lended by Erik)
2) there's a stretch of light wind days in front of us.
There's also a decent south swell arriving this Tuesday and that's good news.
Here's the video... enjoy it!

If you can't see it here, try here.


Sharon said...

Nice job! With the ease of misspelling your name, by seasons end all your times will be posted (assuming you can cock-a-roach a ‘new’ board out of the trash quick enough)!

BTW -It’s easy to tell you’re going fast as your hair is slicked back and not in it’s normal ‘wave comb-over’ look!

12.8…….the gauntlet is thrown, I have to try!

Juan said...

classic Tom, classic...