Wednesday, August 15, 2007

that wavy monday

Hey you, Maui photographer! Wonna get some exposure? Come take photos of me when I'm sailing at Hookipa and send them to me... ;-)

That's what Harry Wiewel did Monday and that's his website where you can find more photos of that day and of many other days, like this sick one of Dioni Guadagnino at Kanaha a few days ago.

Here, instead, a few photos of me at Hoo... thanks Harry!

When I said that I went very close to the rocks, I really meant it...


Anonymous said...

ehi... il tuo stile migliora o sbaglio?
Is your style improving or am I wrong?

Sharon said...

Harrys' Aug 4th pici's of Robby and his dog are classic and your rocks pici is fridge worthy!

cammar said...

Yes!!! Believe it or not, my wave riding is slowly but continuosly improving.
Here's what to blame:
1) a lot of practice. As I wrote, we had both excellent wavesailing winter, spring and summer. That, at my level, means a lot of chest to head high days, so a lot of practice opportunity in not too difficult conditions. And again: the easier it is the more you learn!
2) better boards. That little Quatro (that is waiting for some strong wind/big waves combination), started the change into a more modern, effective, use the whole rail kind of style.

Sharon, Harry has some really nice pics on the web, but unfortunately he keeps the real good ones for him... ;-)