Thursday, August 02, 2007

SUP surfing at thousand peaks

Bloody hell, it's a lot of work to edit these movies!

Still, one of the most creative things I can do (at least at home when it's dark). In other words: a lot of fun.
This time I'll take you SUP surfing at Thousand peaks.
Small waves of rather poor quality... that's when SUP surfing is unbeatable.

The camera setup with the tie-down strep duct-taped on the bottom showed its limits: it slows down the board too much and it takes too long to set up. I'm done with it. I'll come up with something different.
I'm pretty much done with the camera on the ankle too. You'll see how boring it is compared to the other clips. Maybe with bigger waves...

The selection of the soundtrack took me forever. So many good songs around 5 min 30 secs! I finally chose an italian band called Litfiba, with a rather groovy and going tune called Luisiana.


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If you can't see it here, try here.


wally said...


That was definitely one of my favourites so far! Great sound track selection. I can definitely tune into that nice mellow vibe.

That really took me back to Maui ...


Sharon said...

I like your ankle bracelets,you look like you’ve escaped from being under house arrest!
Ahhhhhhh it’s been so long, these are my size waves, thanks for the memories.

Michael said...

Thanks for sharing -

Anonymous said...

Your work is greatly appreciated Giampaolo. This was a nice video production where the great feel outweighed any limitations of camera position or wave size. Hele on....

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was me, Mystery Bob. I guess I'll have to sign up for a Google account one of these days.

O sole mio said...

A few things:

First, are you sure you're a Napolitan, and not a Venetian gondolier? Seeing you handle the oar in this clip makes one wonder.

Second, did Sharon somehow take control of the camera? Is that why it seems to be fixated on a certain part of your anatomy, which occupies the center of most frames? What do you have stuffed in there? Old newspaper?

Third, do you do requests? Can you use the link below as the soundtrack for your next 2:51 production? By the way, note the interesting features of Dalida's - ahem - armature. Is that something that could be useful for SUP board design?

cammar said...

thanks everybody for the appreciation.

O sole mio,
1. I'm from Napoli, but I could have been a gondolier in Venice without any problem... actually I may still do that in the future... you never know!
2. Oh my god, that is by far the worse version of that beautiful napolitan song I have ever heard. Some pretty horrible acting too!
Even Sharon could sing in napolitan dialect better than that!!
Dalida's french was much better...
Thanks for the link, though!
3. The newspaper wasn't old... it was this week's bulletin, actually!
Sorry, next time I'll try to stick to the lower angle of the second part of the movie... unless you request me not to! ;-)

Bob said...

Great stuff Giampalo. Is that the new Starboard that you're riding? I'm going to be hooking up with my brother and give his a try. I think you know my brother Bill...old guy, white hair, gone from chubby to not so chubby from SUP ( I can use some of that myself) he's mentioned you a few times and has one of your photos on his blog.

Speaking of which...can I ask you a favor? I'm building him a paddle and I'm concerned it may be too hefty. I've blogged it's process at ( Note the entry photo...I hope you don't mind...if so let me know). The paddle is looking nice but I want it to perform as well. I can reshape lighter if you think it needs it. It weighs between 3 and 4 lbs at the moment.