Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The waviest summer of the last six years...

I mean windswell on the north shore (the south shore season instead has been below the average so far...).

I just can't believe it! There have been at least three windswell episodes in july and the first week of august that reached the head high mark or more. I can't remember anything like that since I'm here.
I guess it's the eastern flank of the high pressure that is just lining up right these days.
Here are a few pics from yesterday, a day that I would definitely rank 4 stars. I personally had a blast, with two very inspired sessions.
Jason Prior got out of the water saying:"hey, this is better than winter!"

Here's the main page deserver of the day: Nico's backloops are always a pleasure to watch... he bloody sticks them all!

Here's a slide show (please let me know if you like it better than dropshots that lately is pissing me off). I was fooling around with the bracketing of my camera and there are a few sequence experiments. When it's taking sequences, I can't see anymore what I'm shooting, so it pretty much sucks. But I got a few decent ones...
Put the cursor on a photo to stop it and read the caption.

Wonna see the photos bigger?

Here's another main page deserver. My friend Sergio from Uruguay was windfishing (fishing on a big windsurf board...) one mile outside Kanaha last Sunday. He caught something big and started a battle to bring it in. When the fish was at 30 yards the handle of the reel broke. He could only tow it all the way in and so he did. He still didn't know what it was. When he got onshore, here's the big Ulua he found on the hook.

Good job. I got to ask him how it was...


Maui Addicted said...

Aloha Giampaolo,
I miss Maui so much!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

What gives?

Summer swell, and a big fish.

Must be global warming - er, climate change.

Anonymous said...

Shouna! Need more of her pictures!

cammar said...

Maui is still here...

Anon 1
could well be...

Anon 2
you can become member of her fan's club... I'm the president and founder.