Thursday, November 15, 2007

not much soul

This is a photo of Hookipa on Tuesday.

40 people out and 4 photographers in the water.. even a couple of standup paddlers. Inconsistent head high swell. Most waves had at least three sailors on them... most of which with a quite aggressive attitude... like it was a matter of life or death to do that turn right there, ready to to run you over if you happen to be in the wrong spot...
Now, that sucks! There's no soul in that.

When it's that crowded, I don't enjoy it anymore, because you can't focus on the wave. You have to keep an eye on the guy downwind of you, on the sneaker that just jibed on the wave upwind of you, on the guys waterstarting or swimming after their gear in the impact zone, on the photographers...
So, even though the waves weren't as good, I enjoyed Lanes a lot more, also because the kitesurfers seemed more willing to share.

Anyway, this is Levi (who instead does some really long reaches to catch his waves all the way out) writing some poetry.

I didn't catch who this was, but I'm sure the official sailors identifier of this blog will add a comment with his name... thanks in advance Pascal!

This one is Victor Fernandez.

Philippe of enjoys his custom designed Superfreak.

Wednesday a big north swell hit. I sailed Lowers and loved it. Plenty logo high sets, specially from 2 to 4pm. Lots of people too, but more room and less aggressiveness.
Reports from Hookipa were of sets over mast high and tons of people on the rocks (Polakow twice!).
I wasn't there, but fortunately Makani was. Check the videos on his website.
Tatiana Howard's blog has some photos too.

Somebody lost his board. An anonymous reader found it and put this comment on the previous post:
"Maybe you can help to reunite a lost board with its owner. On Wednesday, I recovered a board lost by someone at Ho'okipa - it ended up way downwind. Broken universal. It is a custom board with production graphics. Please ask owner to post description, for identification, and contact info"

Today (Thursday) it was smaller but still enjoyable.
Tomorrow I'm not sure, but I hope it's going to be sailable because I have a board to try... like if I needed one!
Hey, it's a custom Quatro with Starboard graphics... hopefully is not that lost one that the guy is now trying to sell me!

Last minute addition.
Remember that poll for the best looking sail? Here's the winner...

The surprise winner: you guys obviously think you can design graphics better than the brands as Hot Sails allow you to do just that with their Superfreak range. Take note windsurfing industry!


Anonymous said...

Rider Simmer Quatro - second photo is Mariano Estivill

Anonymous said...

On Thursday, another board went drifting by downwind of Ho'okipa. This one got away before anyone could stop it. It got sucked out the channel at Tavares Bay. Look for it on the beach at Camp One.

cammar said...

Mmmm... Mariano was on a blue Goya/RRD. Unless he was giving that board a spin, I don't think it's him.

Mmmm... that should motivate me to finally make that post about the universal joints that I have been thinking about for a while. Maybe next week.

Anonymous said...

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cammar said...

Well... that's nice. Thank you!

horndog said...

i thought gp was a trustafarian??? why does he need more money?

also, he must be gettin tons of pussy with his fame.

cammar said...

Horndog, I need money mainly to pay:
- rent
- gas
- food
Occasionally boards (just bought one!) and camera/computer equipment.
To get that money I need to work. The more time I work, the less time I have to blog (and surf).
If I didn't need to work this blog would be a lot better and updated more frequently.
On the other hand I'm not sure I want this blog to become a source of income, otherwise it may lose its soul.
Donations are just a way of expressing gratitude for the huge amount of unpaid work I put into it and they are strictly volontary.
The donate button is there, but after I originally put it, I never even asked to donate.
Don't want to donate? Don't donate, just enjoy the blog.

PS. I wish your statement about the pussy was true.
"Donate pussy to help this blog"... maybe that's the button I need!

Anonymous said...

sei un grande!
sei un mito!
hai tutta la mia stima e la mia devozione

saluti da napoli

cammar said...