Sunday, November 18, 2007

yet another good wavesailing day...

Ehm... it's getting hard to be original with the titles!

Nice waves again today after a day of rest yesterday (light wind and small waves, but I surfed the south shore...).
Hookipa was way too crowded for my tastes. Must be the weak dollar... Must be the fact that a lot of people had already booked their flights to compete/watch the canceled Aloha Classic... but I don't remember so many sailors at Hookipa in the last six years!
And all bloody damn good, which in most cases means aggressive!

I preferred to sail a little downwind (caught a couple of sweet ones... and sometimes that's all it takes...) and then sat on the hill to take some shots.
Let's start the main page show with the best one of them.
Ladies and gentlemen, Downtown Jesse Brown... upside down!

Think it's a good shot? Enlarge it (click on it) and imagine the one that the water photographer must have taken with the camera on that stick...

Here, you can see it better in this one of Eyal... Where the hell is the photographer? Scuba diving?!?

Dioni one hand aerial.

Leo Ray.

Nice set.

Another nice set.

Plenty more photos in this slide.

Lastly, if you feel like watching something gnarly, here's the video that Makani took of Tatiana's wipeout on Wednesday. She got brutally hit by her boom and got away with a bruise around her eye. For sure, it could have been worse... a lot worse... be careful, girl!

Oh, almost forgot... plenty shots of that big Wednesday on Harry Wiewel's website.
Here's a sample. Thanks Harry.

Wait! One more link just posted as a comment by a reader: it's the Tim McKenna site where you can admire some incredible photos of Teahupoo... unbelievable, those waves are unbelievable.
It's official. I have one more dream in my life: to sit on a boat in that channel and watch one of those big swells...
Cool, I like having dreams!


Nelisblog said...

Hai Cammar,

Nice post and story! If you dig surfing look at this amazing photo seris by Tim Mc Kenna from...Teahupoo
The angle is just increadable!
Never seen waves been put on picture from the air like this!

happy cliking!

cammar said...

Nelisblog, thanks a lot for that link... I had to add to the post, just in case somebody doesn't check the comments...
Wow... that made my morning. Now I HAVE to go surfing! Not quite as clean this morning here in Maui, but I'll imagine to be in Tahiti instead...

Nelisblog said...

haha, nice you added the hint to the front page and quick ;-)
Of course you would like to be on that boat....

with the girls :-) Sweet dreams fram a could and windless Netherlands.

fswp said...

sweeeet !! i wish i was there !

another sublime piece of photo shooting !