Thursday, November 22, 2007

photoshoot 1

A month ago I sneaked in a Hot Sails Maui photoshoot.

I just got a nice cd with a lot of photos by photographer Kris Mills.
I was told not to post the very good ones. So, here's a couple of the BAD photos of Diony.

Here's a couple of the BAD photos of Andres.

I wasn't told anything about my photos, so here's a couple of my BEST ones.

I got plenty more, stay tuned.

Lil' weather/activities update.
The week started with some big and messy waves out of N and NE and light sideon wind that made Hookipa unsurfable (too big and junky). In these conditions, most of the poeple I know don't surf nor sail.
That's when my toys and my knowledge of the spots of the island come handy.
Monday and Tuesday it was an easy call for longboard sailing at Kanaha. I took the good old 12.6 Timpone back out and with 6 knots of wind I enjoyed a huge number of fun backside rides on head to logo high waves. I was surprised that none of the new SUP board with mast truck owners was out sailing. Cool, looks like I'm going to be the undisputed King of Kanaha for one more winter... stoked!
Wednesday a slightly cleaner and even bigger NW swell hit (14 feet, 14 sec at the NW buoy!!!). The wind was out of NW and I scored a really fun surf sesh in a spot with no wind and glassy head high waves. Where was it? Da hell, take a Maui map and figure that out yourself...

Today the waves are a bit smaller and the wind is back to NE. If strong enough, I'll shortboard sail. If not, I'll longboard sail.
Tomorrow a extra-large swell (although I think this one has been over-estimated) should hit and the wind should go back to a more easterly direction and stronger speed. In which case, I predict busy times for the lifeguards at Kanaha, since a lot of windsurfers will hit the water.

Oh, yeah right... Happy Thanksgiving to all the americans!
Specially to the few native indians that survived the colonization.
Specially to the ones brought in from Africa that survived the slavery.
Specially to the families of the people who died in 9/11. I believe that the day when the truth will be revealed is getting close.
And, even if they're not americans, I wish a happy Thanksgiving especially to the families of all the innocent civilians killed in Iraq. I'm sure they celebrate it over there as well...


nico said...

wow che polemico...
MA appoggio al 101%

bra111 said...

dionnie is bald now? wtf? now his gargantuan beak is even more prominent! hahahahaha!!!

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yebba said...

ciao giampaolo! mi ha fatto piacere conoscerti di persona a maui durante il mio soggiorno natalizio! mi sono divertito un sacco e devo dire che per la mia seconda volta la è stato sempre fantastico e poi ti ho visto in azione anche a livello umanitario verso chi aveva bisogno! spero vivamente di ritornare! non c'è due senza tre! sono il pelato coi baffi amico di Fabio il tatuato a cui Malama ha fatto la pagaia! mahalo!