Tuesday, December 25, 2007

bah humbug

Not much to post really... I just wanted to do a post on Dec 25 and don't call it "Merry Christmas"!

Here's my take on Christmas: one of purest form of bullshit the human race has been able to come up with.
I'm not even going to get into the religious delirium of celebrating the birth of an man that allegedly died and resurrected three days later (!) a couple of thousands years ago...

But I'm about to rant against what Christmas is nowadays in the western world: an egotistic, selfish feast of eating and spending money on unnecessary (and most of the times polluting) presents.
How much did you spend on your presents?
Did you know that 2.8 billion people live on less than $2 a day?
Read a few facts here and here.
Don't believe in donating online? Well, wherever you live, if you're reading this (which means you have a computer or you can afford a connection in an internet cafe) I'm sure there's poorer people around.
Tip for the Mauians: you'll find a bunch of homeless people camping just outside Kanaha...

Check out this house in Makawao:

What an unnecessary waste of polluting electric power! I'm sure the owners of that house do that to please the kids of the neighborhood, but... do the kids of the neighborhood really need that?
I think these kids look like they are more in need... and not of presents, of food!!!

Oh well, I could go on forever, but I'll cut it short. Just don't expect me to say Merry Christmas if you meet me at the beach...

Not much to brag about on the wind/wave side. Yesterday it was a fun day at lowers with a NW ground swell that brought waves from chest to overhead high. Today the swell was pretty much gone and I sailed Kuau with some small waves and light, offshore and gusty wind. There should be another swell on the rise tonight, but with the NW buoy out of service it's hard to predict the exact arrival time. Actually, I just checked that the Surfline readings of the Waimea buoy show 2 feet, 16 seconds at 6pm.

Into the long range, this la Nina winter is starting to mildly piss me off. The next 7 days will continue to see strong, offshore and gusty winds. Not a single decent ground swell being generated.

Wait a moment... reality check. It's late December and I'm sailing in warm water under a sunny sky. Sorry, forgot I could be an Afghani refugee instead of a lucky bastard... stoked, no complains!


Anonymous said...

y this bah humbug title? sorry cant see what u mean...thx

cammar said...

Well, I was about to go out with some friends and I was done with the post, but I only needed a title.
So, I asked a friend:"what can I say that would sound like the opposite of Merry Christmas, without being rude (like without wishing bad Christmas)?"
"Bah humbug, is usually what the people against Christmas say..."

I never heard that before, but the article linked in next post seems to confirm that...

Ops! Seems that urbandictionary.com has another definition instead! Clearly didn't want to mean that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, dude!

Kris said...

G, seriously, you should stick to what you do best - comment on the conditions!
Your blog = LOL!
Leave it to a worker in some 3rd world country to talk about social and economic disparity. Your life is about how much you can play on the water! Come on, Bra!
I know that family that put up the Christmas lights. They have jobs and contribute to our community.
We love that you share your surf stories in cyberspace, but get a job - maybe at Haiku Mart and you might have more credibility!!
Keep logging how much time you play on the water and how to tweek your gear. But please don't comment about poor, hungry people as long as your life is all about play!

nico said...

Sorry kris, but I think that ANYBODY should made himself some questions as gp does. This is a blog so, if you don't like it, don't come here. BUT, in my opinion, being a kuau mart worker don't mean anything. I'm a farmer and what? Do I have more rights to make comments about this shitty Xmas?? Don't think so. Personally, I hate this Xmas behaviours (occident society, of course).
Go on GP

kris said...

GP, I mean Nico, you are completely missing the point. This has nothing to do with some holiday.

It is one thing to notice a problem and to voice it. You do it a lot. It makes your blog solely yours. No prob. But you crossed the line. It is entirely another to use this families home as an example of waste.
Bra, look at your life - you are no better than them - they plug in some lights, you spend your entire year playing. Neither of you have helped the people that you pictured. Stop the self-absorbed, hypocritical rant and get back to what you do best.

We like your blog. You are a good and witty writer when you observe the surf on the island. Go on GP.

You made a mistake. Check it, Own up and move on.

cammar said...

Ops, I guess I missed these comments here (I usually don't check them anymore after a couple of new posts...).

Kris, sure I won't win a Nobel price for the peace and I won't be remembered as a man who devoted all his life to help the others... but who told you that even if I play all day (which unfortunately I don't... I only play every day, but not all day, because I do need to work too...) I don't find the time and resources to give a little help to the poor?

And even if that family is a huge humanity benefactor, those lights are a polluting waste and as such they piss me off.
And I'll write it on my blog. That's my opinion, thanks for expressing yours. Aloha.

PS. Since you know that family, would you do me a favor? Would you please ask them to think about how much money they could save if they would not do the same light show next year (if they really like kids they could use that money in a hundred better ways for the kids) and how much pollution they would spare the planet?
They have a all year to think about it...

jdla said...

There is a good point inside Giampaolos post...there are better ways to celebrate responsibly and more in the proper spirit of the day. Donate something to charity in the persons name to whom you are giving a gift...Kiva...or Bikes for Rwanda....these gifts can make a difference. Who really needs more stuff?

Thanks for the blog....been lurking for about a month since planning a Maui visit. Always like to weigh in on the consumerism/corporatism/global warming front.....

kris said...

bra, you're right, I don't know how much 'little help' you give to the poor.

I have an idea. Why not donate your time to help this nice family take down the lights? You will see what a labor of love it is and maybe start a conversation.

And no, I wouldn't talk to them for you. We both know where they live.
I would hate to think of you as a coward. Just think of the difference you could make.
You have a week to think about it.
nuff said.

cammar said...

thanks for appreciation. Drop me an email if you need help with your Maui trip.

knocking at all the doors of the houses who display christmas ornaments to let them know that they are contributing to the extinction of the polar bear (see my "happy new year" post if this appears not clear for you), would be a very inefficient awareness strategy. A polluting strategy at the same time (considering the gasoline I would burn to do that).
Through this blog I can reach way more people with way less cost for the environment.
So, instead of using my time helping that family take those lights off, I decided to invest some time and write another environment related post... much better spent, I believe.
Just in case you want to change your mind, at least email them this blog address or drop me their email and it'll be my pleasure to do that.
Happy new year... if you care!