Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I had a blast today at Lowers.

The wind was the famous Maui's N2N (nuking to nothing). Thank God (a very particular god named Jeff Henderson), I had the best sail on the planet to handle those conditions: a 4.7 Superfreak.
It still goes in the lulls and it still generates enough power when I pump it (a 4.5 would not be quite enough). And you can still hang on it when it's blowing like stink (a 5.0 would be unconfortable).
I love my 4.7. It's the best sail I've ever had. Period.
Here it is in a photo at Hookipa a couple of months ago.

PS. Thanks to a reader that emailed me this link, I found out:
- that I'm not alone
- how to spell bah humbug.


Anonymous said...

You are not alone. I hate Christmas. I also know that the most sincere of those I know as Christians.. also do not believe in Christmas. They (and I)agree with your take on the ridiculous crap that takes over from mid-November to the end of the year.
I regard to the homeless outside Kanaha, I think they are a lowly fringe that wouldn't do honest work for money if you asked them. MB

cammar said...

how can you be so sure, you know them?

I know a few of them that live out of collecting empty bottles out of the trash cans... that's an honest work for money. Actually that's a honest lot of work for little money.
I'm pretty sure they would go for a better job if they had the opportunity.
At the same time, it's highly possible that there's some bad/lazy/dishonest individuals between them... just like there's some between the rest of the society.
I just can't help feeling unconditional simpathy for people who don't have a roof under which to sleep.