Monday, January 07, 2008

2007 QUOLI stats

QUOLI stands for QUolity Of Life Index.

It's a measure of how good is my life AND how good is the place I chose as home. In fact, those days that I don't get in the water it's either because I'm too tired, I have no time or the conditions aren't worth it.

As anticipated, the 2007 QUOLI has been an astonishing 95% (last year was 89%). More precisely, 300 days in the water out of 317 possible ones (physically in Maui and not injured/sick).
I need to clarify that it would be QUITE EASY for me to get in the water every single day (hence achieving 100%), but that is not my goal. It would make the QUOLI meaningless and stupid.

Here's a little legenda to better understand what's on the calendar. Btw, thanks to Windnews, the italian magazine I work for, for providing such a cool calendar in the first issue of every year.

In every cell there are three rows.
In the first row there's the activity:
W windsurfing (you can also ready it as wavesailing, since I don't do freestyle)
LS longboard sailing (wavesailing on waves in light wind on a longboard)
SL slalom sailing (free riding on "flat" water with slalom gear in relatively light wind)
SC speed challenge (new category: trying to go as fast as possible measuring the speed with a GPS)
S surfing (either shortboard or longboard)
SUP Standup Paddle surfing (on waves)
DSU downwind SUP (downwind runs on an SUP board)
DC downind runs on my one man outrigger canoe
T stands for Travel and I for injured/sick (these days are not counted).

In the second row there's the location (and the sail size in case the activity is w... for LS I always use a 5.5, for SL I mostly use a 6.0 and for SC I mostly use a 5.0):
K Kanaha
H Hookipa
KU Kuau
S Sprecks
plus a bunch of surf spots.

In the third row there's my ranking:
5* epic
4* a hell lot of fun
3* fun
2* not the best, but still kind of fun
1* sucked

You can click on the photo for a larger more readable version (right click "Open link in new tab/window" will open it in a new tab/window). I know, the girl on the background is distracting.

Here's the rankings distribution:
5* : 17 (6 %)
4* : 73 (24 %)
3* : 159 (53%)
2* : 33 (11 %)
1* : 18 (6 %)
which is pretty similar to last year's one.

Here's the totals per activity (the total number of session is bigger than the number of days, because once in a while I fancy multiple sessions of different activities in the same day...):
w... 180
ls... 37
s.... 59
sup.. 37
sl... 18
dc.... 1
dsu... 2
sc.... 6
tot. 340

These ones instead, denote a trend: way more windsurfing than surfing. This is due to two things:
1) it has been a abnormally windy year. While it was really fun to wavesail often over head high windswell at Hookipa (at least four episodes!) in summertime, the lack of the classic, long period, clean and glassy swells so far this winter is annoying. Thank god, starting this afternoon we should have a few days of good surf and no wind.
2) I'm getting older (45 in two days!) and lazier. Of all the above activities, regular surfing is by far the hardest on my body. Every time I surf, my lower back is sore, so I'm not extremely motivated to go surf often, even though I really love it.
It doesn't hurt when I windsurf, but somehow I feel that all that bouncing on the bumps makes it worse for surfing... I'll have it checked next time I'll go to Italy...


In February 2001 I left Italy and my steady / high income job in HP, because I felt that working all day - 5 days a week didn't allow me to be truly happy doing the things I that really like.

7 years later, here I am logging a 95% QUOLI... How am I doing?


James Douglass said...

Well done! I think you made a wise decision back in 2001.

180 days of wavesailing is amazing. I'm glad there's someone out there gettin' it.

BTW- I linked your blog in a recent post on "Windsurfers to Know".

Anonymous said...

whoever does this website makes me want to bang my head on a wall. this guy is so into himself, and all this guy does is whine about everything from a flag to christmas lights, everything really bothers you doesnt it. move away donkey go somewhere else nobody wants to hear you, we get enough of it.wat a gay webpage too, this guy is a kook

Nelisblog said...

@ Ano,
Feel free to read the things you like to hear or read about. This is not your cup of tea, so why bother being rude here? And is GAY not a other word for "joyfull"? in that case you are sooo right! ;-)

@ Cammar, love your posts but can we get some pictures again? Guess the bikini bottom or just some nice wave action?
And what did you actualy do in IT? Work for a big consultancy bizz or being a tech guy?

nico said...

to ano: U are so SAAAAAD

gp: keep smiling

chris said...

GP, keep up the excellent work on your blog, your issues are important. Congrats on your QUOLI 07!

I had back problems, too, since two years I do a lot of stretching and my back feels much better and straighter and I'm more fit. If you do a lot of sports, like you, or couch potato around, like maybe anon, your longs shrink and that can cause back ache.

Anon….HAHAHA, thanks for the gratis amusement, dude!

Allez hop,

cammar said...

excellent post you did. As soon as I'll find the time, I'll add a comment with who I think I'd put on my list... I got one name pretty clear...

I agree with Chris later... you really crack me up! Please do continue reading a blog that makes you bang your head on the wall and report that here, because I think it's hilarious...
Thanks for the laugh!

I've just been too busy to take them... but this morning I took a bunch of Lalo and Keith surfing at Hoo... stay tuned, it may take me a while before I'll post them.

I've been a technical consultant in IBM for six years, then one more year in HP and then last three years I switched to a specialized sw salesman position.
Network and system management HP Openview family of products. Mmm... the name is pretty much all I remember... no wait, what were those things called? SNMP? TCP/IP? TMN? OSI?
Ah, never really been my thing...

Nico, no worries...

Chris, I know stretching would help... I'm just so terrible at it. But thanks for the advice!

jeff E of the Great White North said...

cammar i know its off topic but what's the werd on the street regarding vacation rentals??? the inside scoop...that is.
I have been reading the maui news, seems not too many people happy at all. i am coming back but daresay i wont be sailing kuau this year, as i wont be staying there...maybe kanaha or kihei , where i will ...

Ponobill said...

Man, you are an engineer at heart--who else would do a QOL breakdown on screwing off.

chris said...

Buon compleanno, Cammar, have a good Quoli 08!!!

I feel kind of stupid mentioning it, but if you never stretch it’s no wonder your’re not good at it and after some 6 weeks of doing it you begin to make progress and feeling better. Your intense life of sports would cripple me without stretching.


Giampaolo: Maui Addicted said...

This is one of my favourite quotes:

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."

Mark Twain

Ambitions or dreams are the same to me...

Anonymous is definetly among the small...

Giampaolo (the Maui Addicted one)

P.S.: Giampaolo, aspetto ancora di vedere come ti sta... ;-))

cammar said...

some vacation rentals are shutting donw, some others are continuing to operate underground really carefully...
Drop me an email if you need help.

thanks for the compliment!

Thanks Chris. How long do you stretch every day?

that's quite extraordinary. I used your t-shirt yesterday night for the first time, BEFORE I read your comment...
So, at least now I used it. Let's see how long it takes me to take a photo of it..

Giampaolo: Maui Addicted said...


Thought power!!!

Glad you worn it and looking forward!