Saturday, January 19, 2008

good start of the year

I'm loving this January so far.

Thank god that horrible la Nina trend of strong, gusty, offshore wind and no clean winter NW swell took a break and we had some really, really good and clean surfing or longboard sailing days. Looks like next week should be windier though...

Yes, I'm a windsurfer that doesn't like strong wind... guess why? The answer is so easy that the first reader that leaves a comment with the correct answer won't win anything...

Anyway, have a look at this last NW swell that hit yesterday. There were around 6 people at Hoo. Here they are pretty much all.
This is Michi Schweigher.

Here's Kauli with NP sail, but still on a Quatro board.

Here's Keith Taboul on a 09 Goya prototype sail.

French canadian Nick's aerial kick out.

Mark Angulo close up.

Jason Diffin.

More photos in this slide.

That was a really quick photo session... I wanted to go sail at Lowers... which I didn't 'cause the wind died, turned onshore (everybody left) and then died again leaving glassy head high waves to three of us. The sunset was unreal and I guess that Hookipa must have been bigger and really good too... But you can't beat three people out... But that's not what I wanted to say!

Where was I... oh yeah, that was a really quick photo session... When I went back to my car I saw Kauli parked a few cars next to mine and went to say hi (I hadn't seen him on the island yet this season).
"Hey Kauli, what's up!"
"Hey, what's up!"
"How you doing?"
"How you doing?"
"All good"
"All good"
"Kauli, is that your girlfriend in your truck?"
"No that's my sister"
"Your sister? I'll introduce myself real quick, if you don't mind..."

Oh .. My .. God ...
One of the prettiest girls I've ever seen...
Hopefully next time I see her I'll be able to articulate some words (my jaw pretty much dropped lifeless while I was shaking hands) and ask her if I can take a photo of her.

Just for you, guys... just for you...


Jeroensurf said...

Nice pics of Mark Angulo!
Before it went bad with him he was one of my hero,s, good to see hem ripping it up again.

Kauli,s sister...there is a 2 years old video with Kauli. He was still with AHD boards and also lots of footage of his sister...great personality right, you see it straight away ;)

Lano said...

Was that your hot tub GP? Hot chicks and Hot tubs go very well together so I have heard!

cammar said...

really?! I'd like to see that video... where is it or how was it called?

correct. Actually it's HOT chicks, HOT tubs and HOT sails...

horndog said...

hot chick on maui: 5 yr waitlist
fat chick on maui: 3 yr waitlist

Anonymous said...

Hi GP,

- Less wind = less chop...
- Keith is on a '09 Goya prototype
- Kauli's sis is HOT!

Lowers was fun for a while before the wind died and I had to swim in...



cammar said...


thanks for the info, I updated the post.
What can you tell us about:
- Kauli still on Quatro... I hear he was he supposed to switch to JP...
- Is Levi a Quatro team rider now?

The swim in from Lowers is long, but it could be longer. I heard somebody had to swim in from Spartans...

Oh yeah, less wind=less chop, clearly...

For the blog readers' info: Pascal Bronniman (Quatro sales manager) is another light wind lover and one of the best out there in those conditions.

maui drooler said...

in my next life i wanna be a woman in maui... will be fat n ugly 'n will still get plenty attention from all guys

cammar said...

Not from me!

oyaji said...

I always have a look at this blog.
I borrowed the photograph of the mark without contacting it beforehand.
If there is a problem, please contact me.