Monday, January 21, 2008

a sunny sunday at Hookipa

Two windsurfers dominating the scene (from my point of view) last Sunday at Hoo.
The new and the old school: Kauli Seadi and Robby Naish.

Different styles, lines, moves. Both absolutely lovely to watch... I really enjoyed my photo shooting session.

Here's Kauli with a goiter.

Here's Robby with a push loop (that looks like a huge goiter on port tack instead...).

How's that as a windsurfer? And I don't even know her? Da hell is wrong with me?!?!
Pascal, name (and phone number) please!

Kauli was on a NP first. Then he saw Robby in the water and switched to his old Naish... Maybe he still has a few days on the contract and was afraid to get busted?!?
Here he is again, demolishing a lip. Too bad for that sail in front... oh well, at least it's a Fire!

Robby's aerials are not too shabby either. What I like in this (overexposed) photo is the smile of my friend Pato (on the Ezzy) that knew that Robby was on the wave in front of him and was totally expecting to see him blast through the lip... he doesn't look disappointed, does he? (click on the photo to see better)
Trust me, even if you've lived in Maui for a long time, it's still a great pleasure to be right in the middle of this kind of action.

As promised, here's a photo of Kauli's beautiful sister. I know... you can't see her incredible eyes and smile, because she is shooting his brother. But I have a feeling that somebody will enjoy this photo anyway...
Ahhhh, brazilian girls...

Not done with the aerials yet. Here's Pascal... sweet, brah!

And here's Jason Prior with a brand new move. Gotta work on the landing.

Plenty more photos (Robby was in jumping mood) in this slide show.

And now I apologize for spoiling such a remarkable display of windsurfing and beauties, but I promised to publish a photo of me wearing a maui addicted t-shirt.
Not sure that'll help the sales, though...


Maui Addicted said...


Here's the link to the US shop:


Anonymous said...

hi gp,

thanks for the nice shots - i bet some might end up on my site (with photo credit to you naturally).

can't help you (yet) with the name nor phone number - must have been too busy windsurfing that day :)

Lano said...

Nice post GP, so if Kauli's sister was the one taking the photo's, who was the girl in front? Hubba hubba!

chinook86 said...

whats up with naish sails these days? first laure left and now kauli?! imo naish somehow loses all their figureheads... np s***s ass!

Robin said...

Nice pics G.P! And Kauli's sis..... sweet!

So Kauli is switching between his new Prydes and old Naish sails. What about his new board sponsor? I also read somewhere that Kevin has switched to Gaastra, any news on that one?

cammar said...

Thanks everybody for leaving comments.

I actually report all I know about pros changing sponsors exclusively for you guys, because I know that somehow it's a matter of interest.
I personally don't particularly care...

What I care most is to be sailing out 20 meters downwind of Kauli ripping a wave (like it happened yesterday) and appreciate the incredible speed at which he executes the whole bottom turn - top turn transaction... unbelievable!
Next wave I caught I tried to mentally compare my speed to his: super slow motion was the verdict.

In his case the term bottom turn has a very relative meaning. Most of the times, he doesn't really go to the bottom of the wave at all. He always stays on the wave face, using its power and accellerating all the way through the turns. Bottom, top... doesn't matter. He's always gaining speed to blast the most radical moves.
What a phenomenal sailor!

Kevin was on a sail with a lot of a's yesterday (eheh), but I guess that doesn't mean nothing officially. Check his blog, and you'll find out. He just posted some nice words about a couple of websites, this one included. Thanks, Kev.