Thursday, January 24, 2008

Katia Seadi

I was tempted to just post the photos of Kauli's 22 year old sister, without any comment.

1) I want to tell her muito obrigado to have let me take photos of her.

2) I want to add that her smile has the power of one of those perfumes that Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (if you haven't done it yet, read the Perfume book or watch the movie) was able to create: it just makes you fell good, relaxed, in peace with the world and willing to love just about everyone.

I took three photos of her. Here they are all of them . And if I had taken thirty instead, I'd probably post them all too... Is she lovely or what?

Well, now I have to post some photos of her brother too, otherwise he'll get jelous...

Today's sesh was a hell lot of fun for me. After a day of rainy, squally, cold, gusty conditions (that'll be yesterday, Wednesday), today it was sunny, unusually steady, perfect 4.7 wind. Mostly windswell, with some leftover ground swell sets in the head high range.

I sailed something like three hours and sat to take photos only around 4.30. So I don't have many good ones. Here's a (blurred) goiter.

The light was really good, though. This is Glenn.

The forecast is for strengthening trades and increasing windswell.
Whatevas... as long as there's some kind of waves, I'm happy!

Actually, this is the weather map of Friday morning.

It shows a nice, close fetch NE of the islands. That'll send a full of energy NE swell on Sunday. NE is an unusual swell direction for Maui. There's a couple surf spot that will work great and pretty much all windsurfing reefs will work ok too, since there'll be no shade from other islands and the right waves will peel nicely for down the line wave riding.
I anticipate "on the rocks" condition at Hookipa... so, I'd better sail somewhere else!

The storm on the right, instead, will send a NW swell on Tuesday. But, as the red arrow shows, it is modeled to move north, hence limiting the size and duration of the swell.
The 7 days model shows no more noticeable swell producing storms and a strong high pressure right north of Hawaii that will continue to generate unusually strong and consistent trade winds.


fswp said...


Maui Addicted said...

You're right!
She is lovely and looks a very positive outgoing person!

Congratulations to Seadi family!!!

Great sailor (and person too, I've been told) & great sister!



Anonymous said...

Wow...what a smile.

[franken:rabiator] said...

arial off the lips


horndog said...

%@$# kauli.
more katia.

jeff E of the Great White North said...

try to get her to get her brother to dump the ridiculous maui lift kit gas guzzler sport ute. see tons of them there not a piece of dirt on their big mudders tires!!

Lano said...

she looks lovely, what about a video interview?


Josh S said...

She's quite cute. I might have to ask Kauli about her ;-)

i will also read that book, it looks very interesting.

cammar said...

thanks for the comments.

Franken, :-)

Jeff, I believe Kauli's truck is a small one with no Maui lift kit...

Lano, I totally wanted to do that, but her english is absolutely basic (she's came to Maui with her brother to study it). Our basic conversation was mostly in Spanish. A video like that would not give her a fair chance to express her personality.

BTW, yesterday I met her again.
"Katia, did you check your photos on my blog?"
"Yes, but I don't like too much the way I look in them..."
"Jesus, you mean you can look better than that?! We have to do it again then!"

Josh, the book is amazing.

fswp said...

really? can't wait to see the next photo shoot !!

Anonymous said...

Cammar, sorry to disappoint you but the movie "Perfume" was the most well achieved piece of crap I have seen in recent money and buy yourself a good windsurfing DVD instead guys!

cammar said...

Fswp, I said that as a joke... don't get too excited...

Anon, you didn't disappoint me at all!
If you have read the book (which, imo, is a masterpiece), you will know how difficult it was to render it in a movie.
I guess this awareness helped me appreciate the movie more.
In other words, without having read the book, I probably would have liked the movie a lot less...

Sometimes having read the book is a key factor to get a movie. Take 2001, Space odissey. Even though for some mysterious reasons I liked it even before having read the book, it was only after reading the book that I could really appreciate it as the masterpiece that it is.
I'm not comparing the two movies, I'm just making an example.

Thanks for your opinion!

fswp said...

can't help it, i'm just a sucker for blonde's ... especially when they like windsurfing :D

Anonymous said...

Is it Kauli on the pics?
Neil Pryde for him?

jeff E of the Great White North said...

Ok G