Friday, July 18, 2008

fun windswell + Charles' article

9 feet 8 seconds from around 50-60 degress at the Mokapu point bouy... now, that's a good windswell!
Too bad it's going to go down quickly (just like the wind speed) during the weekend, but it should pick up again around wednesday.

And that's how Hookipa looked like today. Thanks to Harry Wievel for these shots of me and Diony. I don't have to say who's who, since you guys can easily recognize my clearly superior wave riding style...

Let me thank another photographer and point out an article of Charles Oreve (don't miss the beauty section of his website): a nice memory of a fun day surfing small waves with Jeff.
You can find it at pag. 64-65 of the online magazine Corduroy Lines.
Famous Maui bloggist... I guess I should give up the idea of being known as a famous Maui playboy...

Oh, almost forgot!!! Harry sent me also this one. It's a spectacular italian ass in vacation in Maui...
My reply to his email was:"trust me: if they were all like that, I would have never left!"

Other stuff.
Here's a couple of links of interesting nature photos from La Repubblica:
- a shark saved after having half swallowed a human built rod
- a leopard attacking and killing a crocodile

Lastly (and in this case leastly too), looks like my music friends Corinne, Tony and I are going to play a couple of songs to Ryan's open mike at the Cafe Marc Aurel on Market St. in Wailuku this Monday the 21st.
Don't come for us, 'cause we suck... but do come for Ryan and his drummer: they're pretty good and they open the mike at 7pm sharp.
If you fancy a sandwich, they have a good one called "The italian grinder"...


Lano said...

I got some shots of you too GP, saw the freaks and decided to stop off last night. I will post up a few.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Bottom curve...i mean turn :)

meesh said...

Bummer about the concert tomorrow night. I already had some knickers to throw. Is open mic night once a month or every week. Love the venue and would be excellent to see you guys "strumming your instruments" in public!

Sharon said...

I know, I was even going to forgo meditation to watch the Italian Grinder in action!