Sunday, July 27, 2008

the goold old days when I used to jump

I feel like doing a lil' update here, otherwise I would give wrong information out...
As soon as I wrote "boring and flat conditions here", a sw swell hit at just over 2 feet 18 seconds at the Lanai buoy and the windswell went up to 8 feet 8 seconds at the Mokapu buoy... good, I'll have to write that more often!!

I heard the south shore was surfable, but I sailed Hookipa instead. It was a lot of fun with sets up to shoulder high. Wind extremely up and down with the squalls. That's when you need a floaty wave board... I had some really good rides on some glassy ones towards the end...
Tomorrow the windswell should be a notch bigger, so I think I'll choose wave sailing again (and save some gas)...


Boring windy and flat conditions here.

After a good start of the summer season, the south swells don't seem to be able anymore to get over the threshold of two feet at the buoy (that's a Maui threshold, Oahu is fun with that size...).
So not much to ride on the south shore and absolutely no wave sailing on the north shore.
Sure, if you're into jumps, you'll find a little ramp here and there. Here's Andres in a few backloops. I took the photos at Hookipa from inside the car... didn't even feel like stepping out.

I don't do jumps anymore (maybe some table top attempts, once in a while), because my body can't take them... too old and beat up. But I used to!
Look what I found going through some really old photos that I scanned last time I went back home...

The first one should be Barbados, the second one Tenerife, no idea of the year.
I got so many old shots, I should make a post with them...

PS. Just received from a SF bay sailor called Sergey an idea for a GoPro mount that I'm happy to share. Here's how it looks in action.

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