Sunday, July 20, 2008

the road to La Perouse will close August 1st... for two years!!!!

...when Michelle told me I couldn't believe it.

But here is the news. It looks pretty damn official.
I'm not sure what kind of land natural resources these guys are talking about (it's all lava rocks over there), but if the problem is that the great number of snorkelers and kayakers are damaging the reef, then just forbid that... for god's sake!

Starting August 1st one of the best waves in Maui will not be accessible anymore.

Nothing pisses me off more than laws that prevent people from surfing.

PS. FYI: it's sunday night and I have a flu and a fever. I don't think we will play at the Cafe Marc Aurel tomorrow...

PPS. Just received an email from photographer Ray Mangan. Happy to puiblish the content:

Sometimes it is easy to forget how spoiled we are living on Maui. Hop in a car, and within 15 minutes you can be at any number of world class windsurfing beaches, but what we are forgetting is that sometimes the journey can be just as a rewarding as the destination.

Specially if you're doing the journey with Ashley, I add...

While it might be hard to "go on a windsurf trip," without leaving the island, we sure did try. After 45 minutes of driving, and an hour of hiking, we arrived to our destination, and though the conditions weren't what most of us would call "epic" we made the most of it and thats what counts.

Here's the photos.


Anonymous said...

The road doesn't seem to be blocked, just the reserve area,the zone is closed to pedestrians, not cars; you just cannot step outside of the road, or on the seashore p to la Perouse Parking lot.... so nothing to worry for you and your LP friends...

Andy said...

I feel your pain- we got shafted yesterday with TS Cristobal on Hatteras. The only sailable spot was logo high and 200 yards long, but the "road" was closed by bureaucratic bullshit... 2 guys sailed a mile to get there, dodging rain squalls, nasty currents, and sharks. Bad ass!

meesh said...

Humm, the area looks closed off to me in this map. Shows no hiking in the ocean, well I can live with that - does this mean surfboards are OK I wonder??
I also wonder why they didn't want to preserve all of the land that is no different from Wailea to Dumps where all those brand new massive multi million dollar gigantic homes just went up. You can bulldoze the land, you just can't walk on it, or surf in the water around it. F*%@ing joke.

cammar said...

Definitely that map is not clear. No hiking in the area between Dumps and LP, but ok driving to LP parking... what kind of idea is that?
Nobody hikes there, since it's all sharp lava rocks and there's no room to park the car along the narrow road... doesn't make sense to me.
Anyway, we'll find out in ten days I guess... in the meantime, I stay worried.

Meesh, great point. Everytime I drive by those ugly "luxury homes" I feel like puking. And more are about to come. Seen that sign that announces the upcoming "Bluffs of Wailea" (or something like that) complex?
And local homeless family who can't affort a rent have to camp at Kanaha everyday...
Agree, the management of land and natural resources is a joke here.
And I thought italian politicians were bad...

Anonymous said...

2 years in Hawaii actually means 5.

Anonymous said...

If the surf spot you are concerned about is "dumps" then stop stressin. Access to dumps by surfers for surfing will still be allowed. Thanks to the 20 or so surfers who showed up at the meetings concerning the closure and expressed their concerns. They could have stayed home a wined about the closure, like many of you are.
Contrary to what many of you believe, living here for x amount of years does not make you local, and or educated about local resources.
Fact: DLNR Administrators are politically and financially orientated BS artists. Most of the DLNR front line, field personnel are underpaid, self motivated professionals with their fingers on the pulse of these resource and conservation issues. Want answers... ask the DLNR field folks.

cammar said...

if there is one clear thing on that otherwise unclear map, is that Dumps will still be accessible.
So I'm not concerned about it. In fact I don't even mention it in my post!
I'm concerned about La Perouse (and the fact that consequently Dumps is going to be way more crowded) and your comment unfortunately makes me think that I'm right... it won't be accessible anymore.
If I had known about the meetings, I would have gone for sure.
Thanks for your contribution.
It's July 3rd, We'll know the truth in 3 days.