Sunday, January 11, 2009

birthday, surf and a few random beautiful women

Wonna know what I think about birthdays?

Just like Christmas, New year's eve and all the other man-made stupid "special" days... I can't really stand them.
I said it already: for me, every single day is special and I live it as such.
Said this, if we look at birthdays strictly as an excuse to party, then I'm totally fine with that... specially if the party is already organized by another way more socially active friend who is born the same day!

Saturday was a fun night at Jaques in Paia and here's my favorite photo of it: the French class and beauty of Carine.
Nice classy grab of the glass, by the way!

This one was taken during the Italy party instead: the beautiful girlfriend of a friend of mine.
Good for him!

Back to Jaques, I'm sure the windsurfers will appreciate this P-celebrity trio: Pritchard, Prior, Polakow having a good old time.

The rest of the photos are in this Facebook album.
And since we're at it, let me clarify my Facebook policy.
When I started, I was saying yes to all friends requests. "Sure, why not?", I thought.
But soon I realized that the more "friends" you have, the more crowded your updates get and honestly... to know that somebody that I don't really know and that I never even met is: "getting ready to go the gym" on the other side of the world... doesn't really thrill me that much!
Specially if it's written in Finnish or in another language I don't even speak!

So, I radically changed my policy and now I accept only friendship requests of people that I really know. Of course there's exceptions... good looking ones.


As a well appreciated birthday gift, I woke up Saturday morning not feeling sick for the first time in a week and, even if still pretty weak, I paddled out to catch a few waves at Hookipa. Man, it felt so good to be in the water...
Here's a few pics I took that day.

How's the new lens?

Good, uh?

Nothing beats a sunny day with glassy waves.


Ripping kid number one.

Yeah, that's the kind of sun shade I need too.

Ripping kid number two. Ah, to be that young again...

And now the FORECAST, allegedly one of the most appreciated feature of this blog (at least by the Mauians).
As the monday afternoon weather map shows, the waters are starting to be stirred in the north Pacific. That's the first pulse that will hit Wednesday. Then there will be another one Friday, but that doesn't mean that Thursday is going to be small...

Thank god Pat Caldwell is back (brah, we missed you). Read what he says, there's always something to learn from him. For example the word rambunctious.

And now a couple of random thoughts to wrap up this Monday post:
1) I surfed two hours in the morning and wave sailed in super very light wind two hours in the afternoon. God, it feels good to be back to a "normal" life again!
2) this blog rocks.


Anonymous said...

You really are a miserable old bugger when it comes to anniversaries - it's fun to celebrate your birthday - look at the people you have around you!!!!

Glad you're finally over your man-flu - it lasted a long time.

Anne x

Andy Tedd said...

Hey Cammar even by your own high standards that sun-shade shot is something else :)

Keep 'em coming in 2009...

nico said...

you're right: - even if I sent you a friend req, having 400 friends is a real jam
-this blog rocks

cammar said...

Sun-shade shot was taken by Sharon at Baldwin beach... just because I wasn't there!
I agree, that is an amazing... shot.

Pippolando said...

Hey Cammar,
this blog rocks, but when are we going to see you on the italian "Big Brother"???