Tuesday, January 20, 2009

kona report part four

It's now time for the video I did using the GoPro wide angle for the first time.

I really like this camera but unfortunately I had a little bit of fog at the end.
I also made a stupid mistake at the beginning: in order to record my voice while rigging, I did remember to turn the audio recording setting on HI, but I left the camera in the waterproof case! So the volume was recorded still pretty low and to make it audible, I had to pump it up in editing phase.

That means that you will hear a lot of noise too. Sorry about that, can't blame the camera if the videographer is an idiot!
In fact, the camera itself records a great audio. I switched it back to the LOw setting for the sailing part and I can't believe that you can actually hear my voice while sailing and not too much of the super strong noise created by the gusts.

The fact that I was using the head band that comes with the camera helped (can't look more dorky than that, but who cares...), since the camera was right on my forehead and not on top of my head like it is when I wear an helmet.
The head band is great. Make sure you put a safety leash to your wetsuit if you go out in waves though, because a big wipeout will rip it off.

Pump up the volume if you want to hear what I say at the beginning. And if you can't still hear, the main thing I'm saying is that the Ultralight dacron of my Superfreak makes it an incredibly light sail. And that is a huge advantage. I mention that kitesurfers have that advantage towards windsurfers (their superlight gear allows them to go out in lighter winds), but with these kind of sails tha gap between the weight of kitesurfing and windsurfin gear is starting to shrink.
I expect Jeff Henderson to come up with a sail made by ultralight dacron and inflatable mast, boom and battens soon...

1 15 09 Kanaha with the Kona from giampaolo cammarota on Vimeo.

The Ultralight Superfreak is something I liked right away. This is the video I shot when I tried them. It's one of those that was muted on youtube. And so I now uploaded it on Vimeo! I want you guys to watch it and leave a comment IF you enjoyed the music and think that you now may possibly buy one of their cds. That was only the guitar solo of a great song (but probably not even in my top 10 PT songs, btw) called She's moved on. You can hear it all guess where? ... here, on youtube! And that's not copyright infringement?!? Maybe not yet...

Oh, maybe I got it. Maybe it's because it looks like I'm promoting a sail (and in this case, I bloody well am). But what about the other video they muted? I wasn't promoting anything on that one (other than the great sport of windsurfing). But it was shot with a low camera and it had the Hot logo often in it. Maybe that's what triggered the muting action.
They think I'm using their music to help sell stuff. That would make sense. But I'm promoting their music at the same time!
Whatever, 'nough of that.

Not done with the Kona reports yet. I still have the photos of Wednesday, GP's first time at Lanes with the Kona... ah, what a grand day that was, Gromit!

PS. Thank god it's over.


Lano said...

Loved the new Go Pro angle GP, editing wasnt too bad mate! As one of your bloggers said previously, its great to hear your voice and commentary.

As far as the music goes, maybe you should advertise for local musicians to promote themselves on your blog, as in they give you a song, royalty free, you overlay that track on your clips and give them a mention. A sort of, you scratch my back, I scratch yours?

There must be plenty of struggling muso's in Maui that would jump at the chance.

OR.....extend it further by charging them to use your blog as a link to their site to buy their CD's, plus chuck in a few extra songs for you to use?

cammar said...

Hey Lano,
first of all THANKS FOR THE PRESENT, we had great laughs!!!!
Secondly, good idea for the local musicians. Maybe one day.
But really, probably the most fun part of editing a video for me is when after the final cut and paste of all the video clips together, it's time to select the soundtrack between the 5,000 songs of my Windows Media Player.
That feels like MY music. I know I didn't make it, but I bought it or at least selected it. The fact that I don't have the right to use is hard to accept.
It's like the photos on this blog. Everyone can download them, and use them as long as they mention the address of this blog and if you want the original higher resolution, then drop me an email and a few bucks.
Everyone should be able to use anyone's music for amateurial videos on youtube, as long as they mention the band. Then if you like the song and would like to have the higher quality CD, you go to the shop and drop a few bucks.
That is not way the rule is unfortunately. But I've never been too good of a rule follower...
Anyway, let's see if the PT representative replies to my email...

George Markopoulos said...

love the video Giampalo. I think its the first on the water action in Kona conditions I've ever seen.
So different to be pointing at the west maui's.

Awesome! thank you.

robertkudla said...

Wow, I am not a windsurfer but the video brings it to life. Thanks for sharing it. I will be on Maui in three weeks. I will watch you from afar.

cammar said...

Hi George,
I actually did a very shitty video also last year. The last one is way better, but considering that it's made out of a very few clips that came out allright, it can be so much better. Specially if I could actually ride a wave on that side!!! I'll keep trying!

if I were you, I'd watch some other sailor better than me. Fortunately for you, that's quite an easy thing to find in Maui...

Anonymous said...

I can't comment on the quality of your video but I do like the shorts. How about a nice bit of Wensleydale Grommit?

Anne x

Brian S said...

Is it just me, or is the video quality of the Hero5 better than the Hero3? Looks sharper and has better color saturation?
keep 'em coming.

andrew c said...

Which GoPro camera did you use for that video - can you post the link? I'm thinking about buying one but is it ok just to strap on your head without a helmet?

Jannik Hendriksen said...

Hi G,

I can tell you that I've bought 4 cds as a DIRECT consequence of your videos. 2 from Porcupine Tree and 2 from 2 SOJA. I didn't know of know of either before. There is a chance I would have run into PT at some point, since I'm sort of into prog. rock, but SOYA I would never have bought (and never will again - but they did sell 2 cds because of your blog).

alhoa from Denmark,

cammar said...

Sorry for the late replies.

Brian, the now gopro is way better than the previous one. Technology keeps getting better, I guess...

Andres, here's the link to the webpage. The helmet hero wide comes with a band like a head lamp that is ok to go sailing with. If you go in the waves, put a safety leash attached to the wetsuit leash cord or something like that.
Way better than the helmet, because there's no wobbling (the helmet wobbles on your head) and the camer is closer to your mouth and you can eventually comment the action live...

Jannik, thanks a lot for posting them. I'm actually dealing with the PT representative, I'll post the results soon.
My two favorite PT cds are Stupid Dream and Coma Divine. Give those a try if you don't own them.
And go see them live if they play near you: they are really, really good.
Soja did two really good cds IMO (SOJA and Peace in a time of war), but then I got kind of over them too.
But if you are into old school prog rock and don't mind not understanding the lyrics (unless you speak italian, of course), get yourself the first two CDs of the Banco del Mutuo Soccorso: BMS and Darwin. Both are dated 1972, so be ready to some pretty peculiar music that no one does nowadays.
Both are very intense masterpieces. Not the best to play as a background to a romantic date...