Friday, January 16, 2009

kona report part two

I got more video clips, but let's have a look at the photos I took yesterday.

Tristan Boxford was the protagonist of the craziest windsurfing shot I have ever taken. It's the first of this two years old post.
BTW, if you feel a bit nostalgic, check out another mythical post of that swell. Yes, that's were Laird went out and acted like he was Neptune.

Well, looks like a couple of years later, the english sailor can still throw some serious aerials.

Second best shot of the day. Lalo Goya drops in a double overhead bomb and looks at the exact spot where he's going to hit. And he did.

This is Polakow and I like the two kites in the background. Sorry about the tilted horizon. Too lazy to straighten it out.

Got to throw some female body parts somewhere. Here's a nice elbow.

Polakow again.

Mmm... maybe two parabolic stringers on the rails are not as strong as a straight one in the middle.
Pato is wondering if it was better to stay home. Actually he knows that.

A meaty hollow of the knee. Kniekehle in German.

Robby Swift was in form.

Plenty more photos of him at the end of this slide.

Today (friday) the waves were bigger and the wind stronger, but it was also kind of rainy. Polakow, Levi, Boxford, Kai and KP went out (not at the same time!), but none of them could really tune in the conditions. Not sure why, I guess it was just too gnarly.
Bad light most of the time. I took only one decent shot: KP on a clean one.

No wait, I took another decent shot: a couple of mysterious and beautiful eyes.

PS. Funny, same exact shot on KP's post. He mentions that he was swallowed by a wave on his way back. I have that on video with my commentary, stay tuned for that.

PPS. Thursday and Friday I had more than a thousand unique visitors per day, from all over the world. If they had told me that when I started this blog, I would have not believed it.
I want to thank all blog readers for their interest in this blog. Keep spreading the word.


Pavlos Parissis said...


Here in EU everybody was tuned on your blog since we read about the kona and the huge swell.
Due to the time difference every morning the first I am doing is to check you blog, before even I make my coffee!!!
keep blogging

Anonymous said...

I'm terribly curious - do you ask permission from these ladies to photograph their various body parts or, more likely, are you a stalker?

Anne x

cammar said...

Calimera Pavlos,
actually calispera due to time difference. I keep blogging and you keep reading. And tell your friends.

"excuse me can I photograph the hollow of your knee?" would sound a bit weird and even though I would have no problem asking something like that (italian saying: "I have the face like the ass"... means I'm shameless), I would get a big deal of NOs.
So, I'm the king of the stalkers.
But I usually try take photos that will make difficult to identify the... part's owner.
Stalking is a gift.

Anonymous said...

GP, again here are my pics of yesterday's action at Lanes:


Anonymous said...

Zactly what I thought! You're wicked and only get away with it because you're a sweet Italian.

Andy said...

Great stuff, GC! And thanks for the links to the past posts, those were sweet to re-read!

I'm beyond stoked that I'm about to come to Maui for the first time! Your blog makes me feel like I already know the place, and I'm sure it'll help keep my memories fresh after my visit. That is, if I actually leave to go back home...

nico said...

more single fins on days like these? any differences?


Anonymous said...

ciao GP,
always pretty impressive to me the kona's actions in your report !!
even my opinion after years of evolutions ( fin ..2fins...etc ) and young new rippers that I really adamire ...I still remember this "king robby episode" ( watch out min 1.24 of this video ) like one of the best aerial session at lanes with kona wind.... maybe we have to wait few years more to see something similar ... and maybe this guy is the "predestined"
( watch that zttp:// ).... maybe not... but we need a new king to idolize !!
ciaooo with alhoa

where is King Robby this period !!??

cammar said...

Thanks Harry.

Anon, I only get away with it because (or until) they don't bust me!

Andy, this is a very risky situation. Try not to have your expectations too high because of what you read on this blog. Even though 100% true and genuine, what I describe on this blog is MY Maui. The way I perceive it through my eyes and my soul. Everyone's Maui is clearly different. You may not like it as much as I do (or you may like it even more). Said this, good luck and enjoy your stay.

although it would make sense to me to use a single fin on big waves (more drive in the turns), no sailor changed his preferences because of the size of the waves. All Naish sailors were clearly on single fins (Naish doesn't have twin fins) together with Francisco Goya, Josh Stone and Nat Gill.
KP, Levi, Swift, Porcella, Polakow were on twinzers. So, no difference whatsoever. I mean, those guys would use twin fins at Jaws too!

Robby (and Michi) were on the mainland.
Future idols: nobody is predestined. You just need the combination of:
- starting very young and living in a place where you can practice almost every day like Maui
- having supporting and encouraging parents
- a bit of talent
Kai is already an amazing sailor at his age. Keep an eye on Bernd Roediger too.
Talking about idols... I don't know were Laird was!

frippe75 said...

Hey man,

Looks almost like we got the same photo of JP! Must be the same turn but mine slightly more to the left.. and with less zoom...