Monday, January 19, 2009

kona report part three

Been busy with some car problems, but I finally found the time to upload that clip that shows both a kitesurfer and Kevin Pritchard kind of struggling to make it back in.

Talking about videos, I need to find a good video hosting system. In fact:
1) the video uploading process of sucks. Very often it gets lost somewhere or it generates a mistake of some sort.
2) I wanted to try Vimeo for the first time, but when I uploaded the above video, I had to wait 135 minutes before it was processed.
3) I liked youtube so far, but I just received terrible news. Two of my videos have been muted because "A copyright owner has claimed it owns some or all of the audio content in your video".
The videos were: 09 ultralight superfreak test and 10 18 07 kanaha wavesailing.
Both had songs of my favorite band: The porcupine tree. I've been following these guys for a while, been at 6 or 7 of their concerts and tried to promote them as much as possible (for example through my videos). I just can't help it... I'm taking it a bit personally!
Those videos won't be the same without that soundtrack.
And if I can't use a song as a soundtrack of a video, a big thick slice of fun is taken out of the process.
I need to find a solution. Any ideas?

Well, finally the day after the vimeo version was ready and I thought about publishing it too to see the difference.

kevin pritchard and a kitesurfer struggling at Lanes from giampaolo cammarota on Vimeo.

Definitely way better quality. Still, I like the exposure that videos on youtube get independently from the blog. Mmm... maybe I'll use both!

Oh yeah, I forgot about the youtube high quality setting. Here it is.


Mihu001 said...

i see there's no easy way out, even you are the greatest. what about KP equipment-damages ?
it's another great report. i'm refreshing your blog 10 times a day ;) and now i'm reading it from the beginning, good time killer when you are in the middle of the winter so far away from Hawaii!
keep ripin and posting! aloha ;)

Anonymous said...

vimeo is the way to go. sure you have to wait but it allows you to post a good quality video. n.e way don't have to much fun out there... you are making us jealous...

Anonymous said...

Giampaolo, lavorando con internet se vuoi ti do 2 consigli...magari la prima volta che ci vediamo, mi spieghi cosa ti serve!


cammar said...

thanks for bringing it up. The archive is a great feature of I often read it myself...
I don't think KP's gear had any damage at all. He waterstarted and cruised back to the beach.

Anon and Andrea, thanks.

aq said...

hi cammar,

two tips from me, check:

page of my friends outa switzerland:


hope u like the vids?!;)


NC Paddle Surfer said...

For the videos I've been uploading, vimeo takes about 10 minutes and youtube takes 60 minutes.

But mine are usually under 3 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Ciao Gianpaolo, ho cominciato a seguire il tuo blog poco dopo aver iniziato a fare windsurf...ovvero 6 mesi fa, e lo trovo davvero bello, soprattuto perchè molto informativo di tutto quello che ruota al mondo del windsurf a Maui..ed è bellissimo!!!...riguardo il commento a quest'ultimo post ti volevo dire che ho trovato il modo per apprezzare il video!!..ovvero aprendo un altra finestra con un video dei Porcupine e guardando tu e il tuo amico surfare e devo dire che avevi ragione...tutta un'altra cosa!!! e poi davvero bravi i Porcupine, comincerò ad ascoltarli, dunque sei riusciuto nel tuo intento di farli conoscere ad apprezzarli.
Continua a tenerci aggiornati che noi continuiamo a seguirti ed a invidiarti...Aloha a presto...e buon vento!!!

Paolo L.

deepfried said...

Hey Cammar,

try this Youtube HD setting... its not public yet but works great.

We've been using it on our sites at a

Cookie said...

Hey Jiampaolo!
I believe you will never get any trouble (video delated) if you indicate who is the artist playing behind!
So it's not a problem with youtube particulary, and they just improved the quality.

Anyway, I hope you fixed your car! I see you on the water!

ps: I'm very curious about the gopro fixation, I want that camera (I know you got one) but i'm also looking for the right Expansion Kit
to use it on my boom, mast, head, etc any idee?

cammar said...

aq, thanks for those links.

NC Paddle Surfer, uploading is ok, but often you have to wait in line for the video to be processed.

Paolo, thanks for the nice words. I emailed the Porcupine Tree representative about it.

Deepfried, thanks I forgot about that. I added a third video (youtube high quality) so that the readers can compare. Vimeo looks sharper to me.

Cookie, unfortunately here is stated very clearly that even if you mention the author is still copyright violation.
As for the GoPro mounts, wait for next post and maybe ask me at the beach. See you there!

Anonymous said...

that's my friend steve sadler with the kite...maui resident over 30 years and a tremendous "water man" .....just on a bad day:)