Wednesday, March 10, 2010

come sailing with me!

That's what it looks like when watching this little video that I slapped together.

Warning: the sound is everything in it. Make sure you are in an environment that allows you to hear (for example, how's the sound of that wave at 1:07...).

I really like when I can compare two photos from different points of view.
This is from the beach.

And this is from my forehead. Cool, uh?

Well, that was last week. This week instead... what we had this week? A hell lot of wind and some seriously shitty weather.
Believe it or not, the two things are very related. Most of the rain that falls on the east facing part of the hawaiian islands is due to the trade winds. The stronger they blow, the more humidity they push up the cliffs of the volcanos and the more precipitations happen (especially in winter when the atmosphere is more unstable).
So, whenever you see a forecast for strong trade winds in Maui, don't get too excited. The chances that the squalls will get in the way of the sailing are pretty high (like today, for example).

Strong trades usually also mean lack of significant ground swells, since the high pressure that generates them keeps the storms distant from us and moving in an unfavorable direction.
But they're usually associated with a windswell, so it could be worse.
Yesterday, for example, I had quite a lot of fun.

I got in the water with a 4.5, but couldn't hang on it. I replaced it with a 4.0, but was still struggling (it doesn't matter how small your sail is if the strong wind is creating big chops on the face of the wave) when the wind suddenly eased a lot.
There we go, slogging and surfing extremely underpowered on a 70l board and a 4.0. One of the best expressions of wave sailing in my book. The fun factor went through the roof and I even received a little compliment for a decently ridden wave by a guy called Mark Angulo. Thanks, that felt good.

Photos of that day. I'm aware of two places were you can see some.
1) The usual gallery of water shots from Francky.
2) Dan took some photos that visiting Luca put on a slideshow.

Dave Kalama is a great guy and can climb a ladder. He's even got a blog. has a new SUP section (that's where I saw the photo above). Check the last video of Laird with a GoPro on the board. It's all paddling till around min 5 and min 7. But when he's on those two Hanalei Bay beauties, that's pure poetry.


PS. If you need to clean the screen of your computer, click here.


Anonymous said...

hi gp, good to see a real session with lots of laughs, shit and getting pounded. thats the real life. keep it up

cammar said...

Thanks Anon. I like it a lot for the same reasons you mention.
BTW, it's not that I wanted to do a video with commentary... it's that I talk to myself when I sail!!!

eric said...

Nice and interesting video!

Anonymous said...

might be your best blog entry.

sander said...

Wow! Great video, it's nice to see a part where you're sailing out, because you never see that in videos. Amazing to see the difference between the picture and the snapshot from your helmetcam.

straight said...

hehe, best video to show how "serious" this sport is...

Dave said...

Good stuff GC!! What a great perspective having the photos and video. I like the commentary especially! Great stuff!!

Stuck at Work said...

Thanks for the great lunchtime entertainment.

Anonymous said...

great fun, great sailing, plenty of happiness!! funny link the last one to clean the screen...good luck

cammar said...

Thanks everyone!
The reason I put all this time in this blog is because I have fun doing it.
Having feedbacks like these comments is definitely a big motivational factor too.
Share it with your friends!

Nord_Roi said...

Good job GP, you have a really good angle with your GoPro, nice work, we enjoyed it and we shared it!!!

Michael said...

What a refreshing change to see windsurfing by a mortal. I really enjoyed seeing the trials and tribulations that I so often experience such as a great wave washing out from under me instead of catching it. So glad you captured the commentary which also echoes my own sessions. Fantastic work -- thanks for taking the time to put this together.

nico said...

oh man.. I always check your blog to breath just this.... Maui I miss you..
ciao gp.. grande.
ps: yes the section seems less steep with the camera. the same snowboarding, it seemed so flat.. but tons of fun

Anonymous said...

agreed. This is a great post. Especially the video. Having Levi cameo kicked it up a notch too. Refreshing to have videos without the music. also, including the crashes and getting washed is highly interesting and gives those who do not wave ride at all or very often an idea of what you need to do to keep rider and gear in tact.