Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Without any doubt, Makena is the most beautiful beach in Maui.

On a big south swell the shore break can get huge.

And very dangerous.

But for some, it's source of amusement.

There's a human body in there! That'll break your neck.

This guy was shooting the beautiful scenery shown in the following two pictures...

...but he missed what was behind him!

Little beach goer.

I took a little video for you guys. It was the first time I saw someone surfing the right at the northern end of the beach. I heard stories of very rare epic days where you can ride it halfway across the bay...
Just listen to the ocean breathing.

PS. It's 5.30am of Tuesday morning. A new NNW swell is on the rise. The NW buoys reads 10.5 at 16sec from 351 at 3am and I'm off.
Mmm... I haven't surfed the Bay in a loooong while...

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Davide Giardini said...

Looks like Oahu's Sandy Beach!

Mittico GP.


millhead said...

Mahalo for providing some nice pics of Makena beach. It is my favorite beach on the island and brings back warm, fond memories of our trip to Maui/Lanai just 3 short weeks ago. My tan is fading but the memories are still clear in my mind.

You live in paradise.


Anonymous said...

Is Makena near Kihei? It's so long since I visited I'm trying to picture the geography of the island.
Do think you should have been gallant and told that girl her dress was tucked up in her knickers! She'll be mortified if she sees your blog:-)


Brian McDowell said...

He he I remember how much sand was in the seams of my shorts after bodysurfing there one time!

Meesh said...

No Surf?????

cammar said...

Thanks for the comments.

Anne, Makena is on that side, but passed Kihei. Try google maps to refresh your memory.

Meesh, but of course!
First session on the SUP on a right that I've never seen before (I'll tell you when I see you), then I surfed the left at Little beach. Not bad, but when it was time to blast a manouvre, you were a bit too close to a horde of naked swimmers... great entertainment though!
D was good, but crowded. I imagine LP was going off big time.

Jason said...

Great pics of the beach! My favorite place to go when I'm in Maui for sure.