Wednesday, March 17, 2010

this is ridiculous...

Francisco Porcella's balls are probably the size of my head.

For this post you have to thank Russ, who came in the shop and told me:"up the coast it's mast and a half and clean!".
It was 2pm and I decided to go check it out. He was absolutely right. No way I would get in the water (too much for me), but I sat half an hour to take some shots, before heading down to Kanaha.

Here's my other shots in chronological order.
Levi and Francisco.

Kai K. on his was back to Hookipa. He must have broken something and landed in Lanes.


Levi. That wave is two masts high: 8 meters.

This guy was pushing hard! It can only be Polakow...

What you think, is it him?

Keith seemed pretty relaxed when he hit the water. Trust me, the shore break wasn't friendly.

Francisco between walls of water.

Huge aerial by Francisco.

What are you supposed to do if you see a set like this and you are about to enter the channel to sail out?

You chicken tack and wait for a better moment... sorry Kai, next time maybe I'll take also some action shots of you!

Francky was on the cliff taking photos too.

At Kanaha I had 30 minutes of decent wind and then it dropped to serious levels of ligthness. To the point that I was left completely alone on the break. Well, I guess most sailors had enough action...
It was like the good old longboard days, all alone catching the lefts and riding them backwinded on goofy stance. The difference is that now I can do the same on an 80l board. And that allows me to pump on the rail and get some speed.
I had the GoPro on my forehead and this is the best left I've ever caught on a windsurfer.
As usual, the size is not rendered. 100% guaranteed mast high in this exact moment.

It looks slightly bigger now that I'm on it.

I just jumped on the other side of the sail. On the peak (where I am) it's still mast high (and pretty damn steep) tapering to logo and head high down the line (or is that up the line??). I rode it all the way to the channel. What an awesome wave!

Another wave. A look upwind.

A look downwind.

A look behind me. I wasn't in the right spot on this one...

6.30am. No wind today and glassy surfing conditions. Got to go. Stay tuned for chapter two of "everything is possible"!!!


straight said...

is pict 1 real??? common....

Rik Belgium said...

Looks like Really gnarly conditions! I took a look at some other pics, and saw this nice one..

Is that a turtle hitting the lip?

benjaminpink said...

really great photos. I looked at Frank's photos as well. The shots of Kevin Pritchard are awesome. Yeah, it does look like he his catching air over a turtle and you can see him looking at it!

Anonymous said...

hmmm... pic 5 is double mast? hmmm.. MAYBE pic 11, but theres no frame of reference... Looks pretty sweet though!