Thursday, July 15, 2010

A few quick updates

The ASP contest at Jeffrey's bay started in perfect conditions... what a wave that is!
All the heats of round one available on demand here.

This is Kelly's heat. Check the 360 in his second wave...

Connor Baxter and Andrea Moeller won the Maui Molokai SUP paddling race last Sunday. Congrats to both.

Next race is a Maliko - Kahului on Sunday and that is going to be packed.

The weekend after that, the big one: the Molokai - Oahu. Jeff Denholm will compete again... still with one arm only.

And Mark Matheson will compete too, without the use of his legs. In my book, these guys have won already.

New edition of the Windsurfer International, with an interesting article about a new fin system.

Lastly, from Surfline:
What seems like the endless run of moderate but fun southerly swells continues today for southern shorelines. Most locations have some great waves in the waist to chest high range with larger sets in the shoulder high+ range at channel entrances. The Kilo Nalu buoy has consistent readings of 2.5 feet @ 14.8 watch for this swell to remain steady throughout the day. Increasing tradewinds winds will provide typical offshore conditions for town shorelines.

My arms are about to fall.

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Sharon said...

Thanks for posting the last two vids, powerful stuff.