Sunday, July 11, 2010

My favorite pieces of art

If someone visited me when I was in Naples and asked me to show him my favorite piece of art, I would take him to see the Cristo Velato.
Yes, that's marble.

If someone visited me when I was in Rome and asked me to show him my favorite piece of art, I would take him to see the amazing statue collection at the Galleria Borghese museum.
My favorite is Pluto and Proserpina.

Here's a detail. Yes, that's still marble.

If someone visits me in Maui in the next couple of months and asks me to show him my favorite piece of art, I would take him to see Francky's photo exhibition at the Green Banana Cafe in Paia.
This Honolua Bay surfer is my favorite.

I was all mesmerized staring at it in awe when I saw a little detail that made me go:"no way!". Let's see who sees that first.
All the prints are for sale and I'm seriously thinking about getting a couple.
This one is my second favorite (you have to see the print!!!).

This was many people's favorite.

I hope that Levi gets this one for his place.

Allright, topic change.
Good luck to all the participants of the Maui Molokai race that are paddling their asses off as I type.
I've been doing some Maliko-Harbor runs and honestly all that hard word got in the way of the fun. I don't really know if I'm cut for this racing business...

Yesterday, instead, I lucked out into 30 minutes of glassiness (in between wind cycles) with the right tide at thousand peaks and those 5 waves I caught were super fun.
In the afternoon I even went windsurfing, almost 3 months and a half after my foot injury! Planing with no footstraps on my 80l was a bit tricky and I couldn't really do much on those windswell waves at uppers. Footstraps don't feel good yet, so I guess I'll stick to surfing.

I'm caressing the idea of going to Oahu this coming week, let's see if I can get a schedule re-arrangement at work.
Uncle Pat predicts two feet at the buoy all week with light trades and that makes for super fun waist to head high conditions all day long at Waikiki...
Needless to say, I'll keep you guys posted.

BTW, Victor Fernandez won the PWA wave contest in Pozo. This is the video of the final day. Impressive sailing by him and by Philip Koster who this year came second.


Anonymous said...

Easy one. Going switch. No way indeed!

Windwiner said...

Switch stance!!! Wow, what a beauty.

Anonymous said...

switch stance

Anonymous said...

surfer - leash on the front foot?

Anonymous said...

A goofy foot riding regular... so Nice!! I need to figure that out cuz when I ride a zippy right wish I could switch... maybe one day!


GP Thanks again for sharing the magic sunset sesh @ Uke

cammar said...

Yep, switch stance.
Francky said he got totally barrelled...

Alex, that was a magic session indeed.
On the way back, my awesome coworker Alex gave me the ok for the Oahu trip and I'm on a 11.55am flight monday morning. First stop: Town & Country factory. Second stop: Publics.
Fuck, we only live once!
I'm so excited I can't go to sleep...

Anonymous said...

Good for you, I would if I could... good luck, see ya next weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be the odd one out and admire the sculptures rather than the foot riding (whatever that may be).