Friday, July 02, 2010

what I've been missing in Oahu

My friend Bruno Sillac sent me a few photos to show me that Oahu has been good lately.

That's what he wrote:

A nice South swell arrived, albeit spotty, along with somewhat less than marginal wind conditions, however Robby Naish, Scott Carvill and Bruno Sillac still ventured out to make the best of it. Although the conditions were less than ideal it was a rare treat to personally witness some fantastic sailing. Robby Naish maybe be getting older, but you would never know it by the way he rips.

This is Bruno.


The other photos on this gallery on the Waterproofphotography website of Francis Brewer.

Oh well, this year no Oahu for me. At least not for windsurfing.
If I find a last minute cheap accomodation, I may still pop over to check out the Surf Film Festival and grab a few waves...

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