Saturday, September 04, 2010


A transformed Andy Irons (who doesn't sound like an asshole anymore, but like a nice, relaxed and happy guy) won the ASP contest in Tahiti.

The coverage was awesome as usual.
Here's all the heats on demand where you can watch how he eliminated Fanning, Gudauskas, Slater and CJ Hobgood.
The heat I feel like linking is this one in which Kelly got a 10 for a super late and critical take off and and deep barrel.

Almost as late and critical as this other Slater "Classic moment" at Teahupoo.

In this other video below instead, another classic moment, this time a windsurfing one: at the end you can admire Josh Stone's aerial in Namotu about 10 years ago.


Anonymous said...

GP-Totally agree with you on the webcasts for PWA. How about this lineup for PWA wave events for 2011: Cabo Verde, Margaret River, Namotu, Hookipa?


jcm said...

I remember watching this video ... amazing. great lineup anon, PWA or not namotu event would be sweet