Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trestles very partial report

Finally time for a first very partial Trestles report.

Those of you who saw the live webcast, should know already what kind of perfect conditions the contest was blessed by. Those of you who did not see the webcast, can always check the heats on the demand here.

I had a blast watching the best surfers on the planet rip the hell out of those perfect waves.
I selected 49 photos to post, but with the prehistoric dialup internet connection that I have here in Naples there's no way I can upload them.
So you guys will have to wait until I run into a higher bandwith for that.
In the meantime, enjoy this single shot of the best surfer on Earth, whose surfing was flawless.

Right now I'm buried deep into family connections, but of course I'm keeping an eye on what's going on around the world in the surfing and windsurfing arena.

ASP first. Thanks to the Trestles victory, Kelly Slater is back on top of the rankings.
As the schedule shows, the next event is due in France this coming week. The live webcast can be seen here and there's a quite good forecast for the start and for later in the week.

PWA is going to have a wave sailing event in Sylt. In a typical PWA fashion, they announce that there will be a live webcast, but they don't say where...

Other things I feel like mentioning is that, as a result of my fear for a shitty winter, Maui's forecast is all of a sudden looking incredibly good. Both north and south shore have and will have waves, as Uncle Pat beautifully explains here.
By the way, in a very short period of time in which my wireless adapter picked up a bar of signal from an unprotected network (thank you, Mr. Linksys), I just checked on the Hookipa webcam that there's a bunch of sailors out in what seemed to be head to overhead high waves. I think I saw Mark Angulo smashing one pretty nicely. Oh yeah, it's 3.30 am here. Can't sleep at all. Bloody jet lag...

Just in case some of you wonders, let me explain why I'm actually missing that.
Every year, I plan an Italy trip at the very beginning of September. That's when business and waves are slow and I usually don' miss much other than the occasional south swell (if you leave Maui for two weeks, you will end up missing something no matter what, so the deal is to try to minimize the loss...).
And I usually make sure that to stop at Trestles on my way back to Maui, so that I can watch the contest and surf with Gianfranco.

This year, there was the novelty of the week in Ireland with some friends, but that week was already booked: Oct 2nd to Oct 9th. I said, "whatever, I know I'm going to miss something, because that's already a good period for Maui, but for the sake of doing something different and visiting a new place, I'll do it anyway".
I didn't even get to that week and I'm already bummed for all those good waves I'm missing at home! Aaarghh!!!

Next year I'll make sure to go back to the routine of Italy first and then Trestles on the way back! I actually would like to squeeze in a Baja trip too, we'll see how that goes...

Stay tuned for a more extended Trestle reports. It's going to be a good one...


Roberto Sanna said...

Cammar, bando alle ciance e vieni in Sardegna per il week end così ti fai qualche mega uscita mediterranea e finalmente potrò conoscerti di persona.
Saluti e complimenti da un anziano (33 anni di windsurf) che ti segue da tempo sul web

Nino said...

Wait only for few hours to see (and ride..?) waves also here in Italy for some days.

Obviously not like Maui waves, but always waves...


Anonymous said...


cammar said...

I love Sardegna, but I'm not going to make it. Thanks for the invite.

we'll see what we get.


jeff E of the Great White North said...

just got back from rome 4 days ago and to think you were just in naples at the time! needless to say i did no windsurfing while in italy although I did see two kiters up northwest in ImpeIia, liguria.
When we took off I did see the wind at the ariport town of ostia antica looking good but no windfreaks of any type in sight!