Friday, September 10, 2010

FB clips

Quite unusually, the following two things happened this morning:
1) I went on facebook
2) on it, there were some worthy videos.

I thought about sharing them in a more permanent way by posting them here. Same order as on my page.
The first one may make you dizzy.

This one I can only link it. Good, 'cause I liked it, but not quite as much as the other ones. Still a bit too much hype about this standup thing. But for sure it's good for the industry and takes people to the water.

This one instead, I would have loved to embed, but I still can't (or don't know how).

Just like this one.

Fortunately I can embed this one. Let it load and watch in HD, it's really worth it.

Not much to report on my side other than the fact that that little NW swell I forecasted a few days ago did manifest (one foot, 12 seconds from 320 at the Waimea buoy) and together with a 5 feet, 9 seconds from 62 degrees windswell provided some fun waves to ride yesterday afternoon.
The really good news is that I finally sailed almost normal, had some pretty good hits and got out of the water quite happy about my performance! :)

Everybody knows already that there's a new webcam that shoots Hookipa. But just to brag a bit, let me inform you that, back in 2002, I did house keeping for a couple of months of the ocean front house where the webcam is installed. Those really were the good old days... I named all the bedrooms with different female names. ;)
For the lucky owners of my book, that's the one described in the chapter "la Maison".

The surf on the south shore is still very small, but about to increase. The Kilo Naly buoy had a couple of readings of 1 foot, 16 sec around 5am, so expect the waves to increase during the day and stay up pretty much for a week or so, before going back to flat.

As soon as I said that the north Pacific wasn't looking good, of course, here's what's going to happen 6 and a half days from today.

That's a relatively small storm/fetch, but what's refreshing is that the freaking high that has been sitting there for the whole summer will finally take a rest and allow storms to get a little closer to the islands. There will be a decent NW swell in 10 days or so.
I'm gonna miss it, but I won't care. I'm just happy to see a fetch up there again...


Mark...formerly of Oahu said... clip didn't make the cut...I will have try harder

cammar said...

Didn't see your clip.

Mark...formerly of Oahu said...

Anonymous said...

have you started packing for your holiday??? So disappointed that you will be "so near and yet so far" when you visit Ireland. Can you not sneak off and come to Leeds for a couple of hours - there's a v. good Italian restaurant at the top of the road!!
Sound tempting?


cammar said...

Mark, nice.

as usual, packing will start half an hour before leaving for the airport.
Italian restaurant in Leeds DOES NOT sound tempting... :)

nico said...


la volta buona?