Thursday, September 16, 2010

there's some plane rides in my future...

Sept 15, Maui - Los Angeles
Sept 20, Los Angeles - London (arr. 21)
Sept 21, London - Naples (via Milan)
Oct 2, Rome - London
Oct 2, London - Kerry
Oct 9, Kerry - London (via Dublin)
Oct 12, London - Los Angeles
Oct 13, Los Angeles - Maui

I'm actually writing this post on board of the first flight... as usual, the movie sucks.

The PWA contest in Denmark (congrats Kauli) had a camera following the sailors and a commentator, i.e. a live webcast.
Now, there's two ways you can look at that:

A) half full glass. Finally this has happened. No matter how the quality was, it's a huge milestone and hopefully all other windsurfing contests will have it too and they're going to get better and better.
B) half empty glass. Spoiled as I am from tons of near perfect surf contest webcasts, I have to say that it was a bit pathetic. Only one camera following one sailor while the commentator (when he's not talking on the radio or telling someone to move) goes:"WOW! Massive backloop on the outside" which clearly wasn't shown. No replays, no live scores, only one commentator (and always the same), lots of silent moments, etc.

I always see it half full, so I toast to it: thanks guys to make it happen and now let's do them better!

Here are the single and double elimination ladders.

The new ASP format is currently been applied in the Trestle contest. The number of surfers that take place to the world tour has been reduced to 32, and those ones will have to surf more heats to win a contest. It's very well explained by Pat O'Connel is this funny clip (top right of the page). The contest will be webcasted here and that's one that I will not watch, since I will be there watching from the beach (when not surfing myself).
The forecast looks great. Gianfranco's plan is to hit the water at sunset of Thursday... always trust the local knowledge.

So my journey has just started and I'm looking forward to seeing and surfing different places and waves than the very familiar Maui ones. Cold water it will be. The more I'll hate it, the more stoked I'll be to be back in the warm Hawaii waters. I'll try to report as much as I can, internet connections permitting.

The captain just announced that we are now starting our descent towards Los Angeles. Our gate will be #76.
I think that's a good piece of information with which to end a post written on the plane.


Anonymous said...

Pity you couldn't stop off and see Leeds! Bet if I'd been on the coast you might have made the effort!!!


John Isaacson said...

what do ye think of them apples!

Isle of tiree looking pretty hot this month take a look!

how does this stack up against you guys?

Sharon said...

ooooooo those Trestles waves are silky smooth.

Lano said...

I hope the hosties are to your satisfaction

nico said...

yes, half full..
have fun gp

Anonymous said... made several pwa live webcasts in the past.. when windsurf still had some market

Nino said...

Wait only for few hours to see (and ride..?) waves here in Italy for some days.

Obviously not like Maui waves, but also always waves...