Sunday, November 04, 2018

Sunday 11 4 18 morning call

SUP foiling downwind attempt n. 15 for me yesterday. This time I used the Gofoil Maliko 280 and the short mast. It was less windy than yesterday and yet I managed to make it foil 7-8 times, so yes it is a little easier to take off with something lighter underneath your board, but it's not MUCH easier.

The rides were shorter though, because of the smaller bumps that carried me less and because a few times I overfoiled (I would have not with the long mast). In this overly tricky discipline, everything that helps the first task of taking off is a disadvantage for the second task of keeping the flight and vice versa.

Here's a shot of Zane Schweizter who is one of those who is able to get foiling even in flat water and no wind. I don't think he has straps, but look at his leg, that's twice as thick as mine. Plus he's got a superior technique. Nonetheless, I continue to enjoy the challenge and the beauty of the environment around it. Btw, yesterday I found out that at low tide the reef of Spartans is only waist high deep!

Photo by Greg Panas from this nice article.

4am significant buoy readings
South shore
1.3ft @ 13s from 211° (SW)

1.4ft @ 13s from 172° (S)

Small energy at the local buoys, our hopes is that some of the energy of those Tasman Sea fetches will eventually materialize locally at one point. Below is the collage of the Maps of Oct 27 to 30.

North shore
1.9ft @ 13s from 264° (W)

1.8ft @ 12s from 327° (NW)

1.1ft @ 11s from 343° (NNW)
0.8ft @ 14s from 290° (WNW)
0.5ft @ 12s from 282° (WNW)

0.8ft @ 11s from 325° (NW)
0.6ft @ 14s from 289° (WNW)
0.5ft @ 12s from 296° (WNW)

4.8ft @ 7s from 69° (ENE)
3.7ft @ 8s from 74° (ENE)
2.1ft @ 5s from 80° (E)
0.6ft @ 13s from 10° (N)

Below is the collage of the maps of Oct 31, Nov 1 and 2. I put a black arrow to point the fetch Pat Caldwell describes this way: "A broad area of low pressure formed 10/31 over the NW to central north Pacific. Strong to near gale breezes over the 295-310 degree band nosed to about 1300 nm away by 11/1. Short-period surf from this source should build locally late Sunday morning. Heights should resemble the September average."

The numbers at the buoys are not particularly impressive, so I expect a very small and slow increase locally in Maui. That is in line with the Surfline forecast from which I quote "New NW swell starts to slowly creep in over the PM". The morning should be flat to small, with mostly windswell weak peaks.

Wind map at noon. I got a feeling the Aloha Classic will resume despite the small waves, as the wind forecast looks pretty bad starting Tuesday.

I post the map at noon daily, but I check all the wind maps at any time daily on my own, as they might reveal important information for the spot search. For example this is the 7am map and shows some beautiful purple areas all around the south shore and the Waiehu coast. Anyone who is seriously intentioned in finding out where to go surf should check the link n. -2 daily.

North Pacific shows a small NW fetch and the windswell one.

Nothing today from the South.

Morning sky.

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