Monday, July 10, 2006

Campioni del mondo!

Yeah, whatever!
I liked watching the soccer world cup, but I think it was given way more importance than it deserves.
We human race are quite weird. What brings us to get out and celebrate the win of a sport competition hugging unknown fellow countrymen that eventually, if we just knew them a bit, we would possibly dislike...? Or that we will possibly say vaffanculo to (fuckoff in italian) at the first worthy opportunity (plenty of those if you drive a car in Italy...). I don't exactly know. But just to contradict myself (which is always a healthy thing to do) I did celebrate the Italy win with a pizza at Casanova's with some fellow Mauian countrymen. Here's the table.

One on them got a little excited and said:
"We're the best in football, we make the best cars, food and cloths. We are the best in the world."
"A' Mannu', have you been in a post office in Italy lately? We're not even able to make a damn line!"
"Oh, but you can't generalize..."
"You neither!"
Anyways, Pio painted the French mascotte (I'm surprised he didn't use a real chicken...) with the italian flag colors and it was quite funny.

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