Monday, July 10, 2006


When I downloaded the world cup photos (see below), I realized that I had a bunch of photos in the camera. Quite a few blog worthy ones. Here we go.

Eventually trendy (uh?), but for sure unconfortable!

This young boy was ripping at Hookipa on 6/29.

Nice driving shot on the Baldwin Avenue. A big guy must me sitting in the passenger seat...

This is Veronica, the cutest little girl in the world. And on the left is David her 7 years old brother that I taught windsurfing to. Maybe their dad is checking the blog. Ciao Veronica!

I was sitting on the beach at Kanaha and Sharon showed up to practice her routing of rigging the sail, carrying the equipment, trying to beach start in the extremely gusty late afternoon wind, sailing 50 yards, attempting a jibe, falling, trying to water start in the other direction. Eh, windsurfing is not an easy sport to learn, especially in gusty wind... but don't give up!
Anyway, as soon as I saw her I hid in the bush. She dropped the board on the beach and went back to pick up the sail. I hid the board in the bush and waited patiently for her to come back. I was rewarded with this meaningful face.
"Where the hell is my board?!?!"


Anonymous said...

That picture of the truck is great, here in Adelaide we are all trying to make our cars lower, not higher!


cammar said...

I wonder how do you get in...
Maybe there's a rope!